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WEB ROI Video Tip: The Importance of Before & After Images

Welcome to another installment of the WEB ROI video tip series.

Today’s blog looks at just how powerful before & after pictures can be for your website.

Video highlights

  • Before & after images allow users to visualize the start and end of a project
  • 93% of website visitors rely on pictures to showcase a company’s products or services
  • Always use a high-quality camera when taking before & after pictures
  • Take any before photos prior to starting a project for your client

The Importance of Before & After Images

Nothing makes quite an impression like a striking before & after picture

Have you ever watched those transformation reality shows like The Biggest Loser or Extreme Makeover?

The main reason why they’re so popular is because they dramatically show the before and after journey of a weight-loss participant or home improvement project.

Never seen even a second of those programs?

You don’t have to.

Because a strong, side-by-side before & after picture tells you everything you need to know.

The same principle applies to your contractor or landscaper website.

If somebody arrives on your website and doesn’t read a single word, a before & after picture will communicate everything you want to say.

People expect and want to see images on your website

According to a study done by Kissmetrics, 93% of people who visit your website rely on images to help them decide whether or not to do business with you.

In other words:

  • Case studies are great, but they don’t always tell the whole story
  • Compelling copy is beneficial, but customers need more than that
  • Customer testimonials are helpful, but not powerful enough

Website visitors need pictures.

And if your retail or B2B company lends itself to dramatic transformations, it definitely needs strong before & after imagery.

Gold camera

Invest in a high-quality camera & take high-quality pictures

Remember those transformation reality shows we mentioned earlier?

Okay. Remember the pictures associated with those programs?

They’re big.

They’re crystal clear.

They’re very detailed.

They capture every nuance of the transformation.

Whether it’s a dramatic weight loss or a stunning home builder project, there’s nothing left for you to imagine.

You don’t need to “fill in the gaps.” The picture does that for you.

The bottom line is that if you’re going to feature before & after images on your website, make sure you invest in a camera that’ll capture web friendly, large, detailed images.

Kitchen transformation

Make sure you get a legitimate before picture

Using The Biggest Loser example, let’s say a contestant wants to lose 100 lbs.

You wouldn’t show them 50 lbs into their weight loss journey. You’d show them from the very beginning.

Otherwise, you miss half the story and all of its impact.

The same applies for your home improvement business.

If you first show, say, a kitchen transformation when it’s halfway completed, that doesn’t tell the whole story:

  • People don’t cook in a half-renovated kitchen. They cook in an outdated kitchen they want to update.
  • It doesn’t show where or what your company had to start with. The full impact of your capabilities isn’t on display.
  • It encourages the customers to “fill in the gaps”, which is what you don’t want. You want them to see the real start-and-end points.

Before and after pictures are impactful when taken from the very beginning.

So make sure you snap a good quality picture of jobsite before getting down to work.

Other ways to get the most from before & after pictures

There are plenty you can do to make your before & after images an integral part of your website:

  • If working on a long-term project, take photos at various intervals (say, weekly) and share them on your social media
  • Use before & after pictures as ongoing blog You’ve already got the pictures & story to tell. And Google & other search engines love fresh blog content.

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