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Does Your Email Marketing Company Measure Results?

Email marketing services need to generate results: leads and sales. Measuring when and which emails your customers open gives you the insight you need to send more engaging emails and ensure more of the results that matter to you.

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What Fuels a Great Email Campaign?

Don't Send Out Emails That Nobody Reads

Emails are a powerful way to connect with your customer and provide them with a personalized message exactly when they want to hear from you. So, why do so many of the emails you send out go unread? To maximize results, the emails you send need to be tailored to your audience, with clear branding and personalized, informative elements that catch attention.

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CASL Compliant 

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Act has rules for email campaigns. We'll help you abide by these rules and notify you when they change.

Boldly Branded 

Readers should immediately know that they are reading an email from your company.


Your emails need to be interesting and full of helpful information, which will encourage recipients to open them now, and then save them for when that information is needed down the road.

Your Email Marketing Tools

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Automated Emails

There’s no need to manually send out emails anymore! Save time with automation and send emails at the exact moment that your customer is most likely to read them.

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Email Scheduling

Regularly scheduling emails help keep your existing customers engaged and ensures you stay top of mind, even throughout your off-season. Marketing data shows that much like blogging, consistent email campaigns are more successful than sending emails randomly.

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Email List Management

Organizing people on your list by the services they are interested in, by customer type, geography, and other important information helps you send more relevant, customized emails which ultimately leads to higher conversions.

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Custom Email Design 

Emails with images and videos are opened more often and get better click-through rates (which is a term we use to describe the rate at which customers click from the email to your website). Strong click-through rates usually lead to high conversion rates of receiving leads.


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