Think about the email newsletters you subscribe to.

Email marketing agency WEB ROI

Which emails do you look forward to getting, opening and reading? And which ones do you ignore or immediately move into your trash folder.
Now think about the emails your business sends to people. Are they interesting and full of helpful information?
They should be. Because that’s how email marketing services help your business grow.

Email Marketing Services to Help You Stand Out in a Crowded Inbox.

The average person gets 88 emails per day, but only reads 27 of them. That means your emails are fighting with 87 others for time and attention.

Regular Email Schedules

Regular Email Schedules

Customers like hearing from you on a consistent basis. Not out of the blue every few months. A regular schedule allows people to anticipate (and get excited about) what you have to say and when.

Automated Emails

Automated Emails

The instant someone fills a form on your website, an email goes out to them (or it should!). You can still focus on the day-to-day business and give your email subscribers the attention they deserve.

Email List Management

Email List Management

Organizing subscribers based on your criteria(new vs. returning customers, specific services etc.)This shows people you’re aware of their needs by sending the messages they want to hear.

Custom Email Design

Custom Email Design

Sprucing up your emails with videos, images and other appealing visuals. Emails with things like video perform at a 280% higher rate than those without.

Do you get all that from your current email marketing agency?

If not, why? What are you paying for?

“Our old website (and digital marketing) was stagnant and stale. We were astounded at the leads (WEB ROI was able to generate). I cannot describe how good our business has now become.”
Chad Armstrong, client since 2011</span>

The #1 Way to Reach People Interested in What You Have to Say.

Email marketing services are timelier, more cost-effective and personalized than any other digital marketing service because they’re:

People can read them on any device, anytime.
CASL compliant:
They follow legal rules set out in the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation act.
Properly branded:
People instantly recognize it’s your email they’re reading.

Since email performance can be measured, you’ll know exactly what people like to read and click.
That information can directly lead to better results from your email marketing agency.

Just like you, people are incredibly busy these days.But they will slow down and spend time to read emails if they’re timely and interesting.
Your company has a great opportunity to share cool tips, showcase your products and grow; all through emails.

Does your current email marketing agency send out messages that turn into sales leads for you?
If the answer is no, it’s time for a change.

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