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Home Builder Website Design for Results-Driven Businesses in Canada

The online world is hyper-competitive for home builders, contractors and those in construction. If your home improvement business, in Toronto, Canada or the US, is finding it difficult to keep up online, then you need to focus on contractor website design and local SEO that's results-driven. Your online marketing efforts matter more than ever. When things get competitive for home builders and home improvement contractors, add WEB ROI to your team to get real results.

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SEO for Contractors

When someone searches for “homes in Milton”, "kitchen renovation Toronto" or “home renovation in Oakville” they typically choose from the first businesses that pop up. The better you are at boosting your rankings, the more business will come your way. Get a higher return on investment (ROI) with better home improvement and home builder SEO. Your website should look and feel like your customer's dream home. Get a clean, professional website that shows off your best products and services. A sound SEO strategy means more traffic and more leads and with a better web experience, turning those leads into tangible sales.

Tune-Up Your Online Presence


Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns let you cut ahead so your home improvement business can be listed online above others. Then with custom landing pages and other tools, your campaigns become successful in turning traffic into qualified sales leads.

Social Media Marketing

Who doesn’t love to look at beautiful homes and renovation projects online? When done right, your social media can be more than a curiosity; it can drive real results for your business. Videos, photography, and consistent social media will help spread the word about your home improvement business while keeping your existing audience engaged.


Reaching out to people in their inbox is a highly successful strategy, especially when you organize your contact list based on what your contacts want when they want it. Whether it’s a new bungalow or a kitchen renovation, stay top of mind and nurture leads to get more customers to the finish line.

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