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WEB ROI Video Tip: Plug Landing Page Leak Points

It’s time for another installment of the WEB ROI video tip series.

Today, we take a look at keeping people on your pay-per-click (PPC) landing pages once they get there.

Video highlights

  • PPC ads and landing pages are a great way to quickly reach a very targeted audience
  • Remove any elements (such as hyperlinks or a navigation menu) where people can leave
  • Keep your landing page content short, sweet and to the point
  • Make it incredibly obvious what people should do to take action

landing page

You created the ad & paid for the click; don’t lose them on the landing page

There are two big mistakes small- to mid-sized businesses make when creating PPC landing pages:

    • They link the ad to the homepage of their website
    • They create a landing page that’s too long, busy or distracting

Regarding point #1; don’t.

Never connect a highly targeted, specific ad to the general overview launching pad that is your homepage.

Instead, create a highly, targeted, specific landing page to match the ad.

This leads to point #2...

Landing pages have one job (and a short amount of time to do it)

Let’s assume you’re a building and landscape supplier and you’ve got the following ad running about concrete interlock stones:

Concrete Interlock Stones
Create the perfect pattern for your
Driveway, walkway & backyard patio
Get your FREE pattern guide here

When somebody clicks on that ad, your landing page’s job is to seal the deal, not to:

      • Promote other products you may be carrying
      • Entice people to pick up the phone and call you
      • Showcase your company’s services, expertise or capabilities

It has to convince people to do what it says in the ad they clicked (in this instance, it’s to download a free guide).

And here’s how to give it the best chance of doing so.


1. Remove external links

Let's take a look at three aspects when it comes to hyperlinks or text links on a landing page:

      • Theory: Link your landing page to your main contractor or retail website (because why not show everything you have to offer?).
      • Reality: Bad idea.
      • Why: When someone clicks off your landing page, there’s no guarantee they’ll come back.

Look at it from the perspective of two of the most popular sites out there, Wikipedia and YouTube.

You visit one page (based on something you’re looking for), see a link to something else and click it.

Before long, you’re five pages removed from – and no longer interested in – your original location.

The same principle applies to PPC landing pages. You want to keep them there until they make one of two choices:

      • Convert into a lead
      • Leave the page altogether

Removing external links keeps their focus on the content, offer and call-to-action featured on your landing page.

2. Keep the form short

The main purpose of a landing page is to turn visitors into leads.

And the main way to do that is through a contact us form.

Your form should be easy-to-use and only ask for necessary, relevant information. Usually you can get away with just asking for:

      • First name
      • Last name
      • Email address

Things like home address, telephone number, postal code or anything else aren’t needed. People aren’t willing to share information they don’t have to.

Plus, if people are confronted with a long, intrusive form, they’ll get annoyed and not bother filling it out.

Remember, a landing page is all about getting people to take action as quickly as possible.

Don’t add any hurdles with a contact form that’s longer than it needs to be.

act now

3. Make the call-to-action (CTA) button obvious

Say you’re a fireplace or HVAC contractor and you’ve got this ad running:

Clean Your Fireplace Like The Pros
Safely get rid of soot, creosote & other
Debris. Keep your fireplace looking new.
Download your FREE cleaning guide

What do you think the CTA on your landing page should be?

“Download your FREE cleaning guide” (or a variation thereof) is a good answer.

Not only should it sound obvious, it should look obvious too.

Make that CTA button big and hard-to-miss. When it comes to landing page calls-to-action, you aren’t looking for subtle.

You want big, bold and effective.

Otherwise, if people can’t find or understand the CTA, they’ll give up and leave.

4. Use short text and bullets (instead of long copy blocks)

The PPC ad which people click to reach your landing page should be interesting and appealing.

And the text on the landing page should compliment and complete it in as few words as possible.

What your landing page copy should communicate is:

      • What they’ll get when they act
      • The benefits of acting upon the offer
      • How to get or take advantage of the offer

That’s it.

You’re landing page isn’t the place for about us type copy.

A list of services your company provides? Nope.

A place to showcase your great awards? Nada.

All your landing page should talk about is the information presented in the original paid advertisement people saw in the first place.

Have us give you the great landing pages you deserve

Not getting good ROI for your PPC ad and landing page activities?

Then it’s time to change that; isn’t it?

Landing pages are a smart way to capture leads and provide people with valuable information.

We’ll show you just how smart.

Contact us for a FREE consultation or call 1-877-7WEBROI today to speak with a member of the WEB ROI team.



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