Google Business Profile

Did you know Google My Business (GMB) is changing its name again to Google Business Profile (GBP)? This still remains an important step to set up your business profile on Google and start achieving local SEO results.

Conversion Rate Optimization: What Is It?

We are taking a deep dive into each component of the ROI pyramid. This week we focus on the first tier and the most important, a conversion rate optimized website. Learn more about conversion rate optimization and how you can implement strategies into your digital marketing efforts to build a conversion rate optimized website in our latest podcast.

The ROI (Return On Investment) Pyramid

We created the Website ROI (return on investment) Pyramid, which illustrates where you should be putting your marketing resources first, in order to get the best return on investment from your online presence.

2022 Website Accessibility Guide

Different people have different abilities. Approximately one billion people experience some form of disability. That’s 15% of the world’s population! Listen to learn what the four principles of web accessibility are and how you can implement them on your website. 

3 Essential Social Platforms for Home Improvement Companies and How to Use Them

Having a strong social media presence can lead to better search engine rankings, an increase in referrals, and will help you to establish a reputation as the industry expert. Listen to learn about the 3 essential social media platforms for home improvement companies and how to use them.

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