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Get Your Website Noticed: 5 SEO Tips for New Websites

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Creating a new website can be as exciting as it is intimidating. You want your new site to launch forward right from the starting line – a strong 0 to 60, rather than a slow climb. So, how do you optimize your website for search engines? How do you rank your site and get noticed?  

Buckle up and keep reading because we've compiled five of the most crucial SEO tips to get your new website off the ground and to speed past the competition. 

1. Build a Strong Frame 

A successful website is like a well-designed car – you can add all the accessories you'd like, but if it doesn't have good bones, it won't get you very far.  

Logical website architecture is crucial for a few reasons. First and foremost, it helps Google understand where the most valuable content lives on your site, allowing you to be indexed quickly. With a proper pyramid-style structure, Google won't have to guess which web pages are most important. This helps Google to rank your most content-rich web pages highest. 

Not only that, but a logical site structure helps with user experience. A clean, organized webpage is easy for visitors to navigate, which results in higher conversion rates and more success for your business. 

2. Account for Mobile Users 

With so many consumers using their mobile phones for the bulk of their web browsing, the mobile version of your site must be on par with the desktop layouts. It dramatically improves your user experience and helps to give your new website better SEO performance 

For any site with a mobile version (which is to say, any site that's on track to success), the mobile version will be the primary result in Google's index. There are a few things to consider when designing the mobile aspect of your website. Think about: 

  • The visual layout. Ensure that your text is readable and well laid out, as this can hinder your site's SEO performance. 
  • Including a viewport tag to help your website automatically resize to fit the screen size of any mobile device without a hassle. 
  • Reducing the size of images, improving server response times, and optimizing your code to reduce the load time of your pages. Page load speed is an essential factor in site rankings! 

Are you looking for help optimizing your website for mobile? Contact our experts at WEB ROI today. 

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3. Know Your Keywords

You know what your business is all about. For your website to succeed, you need to report that information to Google via keywords! 

Put yourself in the customers' shoes – what would you type into Google if you were looking for a product like your business offers? Compile a list of relevant search terms that best describe the products and services you offer. You can try searching these keywords as a test to see the autocomplete suggestions that Google provides. This acts as a sort of roadmap, showing you exactly how to target your prime consumers. 

If you're trying to accelerate your business with the launch of your new website, consider investing in keyword reports and research to determine exactly which keywords will work to your benefit. Use that information to choose your website's title tag and content and leave your competition in the dust! 

4. Create Intentional Landing Pages 

Your website will find the most success when you're thinking about your choices and the keywords you use. Creating designated landing pages for specific promotions, for example, is a great way to optimize both your SEO strategy as well as the experience of your potential customers when they visit your site. 

Consider which keyword is most relevant to the content when creating a landing page for a particular product or promotion. If there are multiple that you think might apply, it may be a good idea to test various landing pages (one designated to each keyword) to determine which will yield the best results. Be cautious, however, as doing this too often will pump the brakes on your progress and slow down your website and its success. 

5. Pay Attention to Page Titles 

A page title that is the same as the name of your business is fine, but it's not going to kick your business into the next gear. If you want to speed forward with the launch of your new website, pay attention to your page titles! 

As usual, think about keywords. Your page titles can be creative, but they should also be strategic! Including your primary keyword within your page title works to optimize your site and increase your rankings, as it tells Google (as well as your consumers) precisely what it is that you're offering through your website. 

If you're looking for help in navigating the SEO strategy of your new website, contact the WEB ROI team today. With abundant experience and knowledge in all things SEO, we're sure to help you get your website on the track to success! 

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