Why SEO is the Foundation to Your Home Improvement Marketing Strategies

Why SEO is the Foundation to Your Home Improvement Marketing Strategies 

Home improvement companies constantly need new projects to be successful. However, reaching new and the right clients can be quite challenging. The best way to reach new customers is through search engine optimization (SEO).  

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization has a huge impact on home improvement companies. SEO is key way for your business to be seen on search engines. When a potential client is looking for home improvement, they search keywords in Google, a list pops up and they start their research into what company they want to go with. They may repeat this process a couple of times until they find the right company for them.  

As a home improvement business, you want your company to be associated with those keywords being searched and show up each time a search is being done.  

SEO is cost-effective and targeted, allowing you to reach the right customers at the right time. This will spread the word of your businesmore easily, creating that brand recognition that is so important for today’s businesses.  

The Benefits of Home Improvement SEO  

When you optimize your site for search engines, there are many benefits: 

  1. Increased Visibility 
  2. More Qualified Leads  
  3. Great Return on Investment (ROI)  

Increased Visibility

SEO helps your site rank well in results on Google for keywords related to your industry. This allows you to reach customers who may have not heard of your business prior to their search. Ultimately, this increases brand awareness.  

More Qualified Leads 

Since SEO is more targeted, you can reach the correct leads at the correct time in their search process. Being involved in SEO means that you are associated with keywords people are using to search up home improvement businesses, this is a great opportunity to tell leads how you are different from your competitors. When leads contact you from your SEO efforts, it is very likely that they want to become your customers.  

Great ROI

As your SEO efforts improve, your online reputation increases. SEO grows over time, giving you a high ROI. Once your rankings are established, your site continues to bring in new leads from search engines for months and even years to come. You don’t even have to worry about price increases for ad space.  

 Home Improvement SEO Tactics 

SEO involves a variety of different tactics. The right strategy will bring in the right leads, leading to success for your home improvement company.  

Here are the 4 tactics your business should look at when it comes to SEO: 

  1. Keyword Research  
  2. On-Page Optimization  
  3. Content Creation  
  4. Link Building  

Keyword Research 

You need to know which keywords and phrases your potential customers are searching up during their research process.  

Keyword research involves finding the best words for your business and learning how difficult they’ll be to rank for. This lays the foundation for the rest of your strategy. Don’t skip out on keyword research 

On-Page Optimization

Each page on your website should be optimized with the keywords you found during your research. You can do this by using the keyword(s) in title tags, headers, meta descriptions and directly in the copy of your website.  

By doing this, search engines will have the knowledge on what your site’s pages are all about, helping it to rank properly when potential customers search on search engines.  

Content Creation

Another great way to utilize your keywords is through content creation. One of the most important and effective ways of doing this is through writing blogs.  

Google loves when businesses create and publish new pages of original content on its website.  

By doing this, you can rank for additional keywords beyond your products and services. This also builds trust and credibility, playing into your thought leadership role in the home improvement industry.  

Link Building

The more links you have from credible sites, the higher you will rank in search engines.  

This involves reaching out to multiple people: bloggers, editors and other site owners. Show them that you have content their readers will want to see.  

The Foundation to Your Home Improvement Marketing Strategies

SEO is the foundation to your home improvement marketing strategies. Start off by creating your SEO strategy, what you want your keywords to be and hit the ground running. Since SEO allows for continuous growth, it’s a great foundation to get your marketing efforts off the ground.  

Without a strong SEO strategy, it will be hard to reach potential customers at their point of initial research. You want to show up in those initial searches to create brand recognition. Without brand recognition, it is hard to build credibility and trust with potential leads.  

Creating a unique and effective SEO strategy is hard work. If you find that you need help with your strategy and want to hit the ground running contact us at [email protected] 

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