When you Google your business name – or the products or services it offers – where does your website appear?

Local SEO services from WEB ROI

Is it on page one? Or do you have to go to page two (or even three) to find it?
Back in the day, a search engine optimization (SEO) company focused on keywords. The more keywords you had on your site, the better ranked.
Keywords are still important. But there are other factors that can help you rank high on Google.
Has your SEO company explained what those extra factors are and why they’re important?

Delivering Global and Local SEO Services the Right Way

Search engine optimization is absolutely necessary for your business’ website. The wrong tweak can sink your rankings while the right improvements keep you on the first page of Google.

Smart Designs

Smart Designs

Your website must be easy to use on all devices (smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, etc.).

Google punishes hard-to-use websites while rewarding user friendly websites with favourable rankings.

Constant & Helpful Updates

Constant & Helpful Updates

Regular website updates with things like well-written blogs, attractive photos and more.

Google loves an active website with helpful info. If you ignore your website and just leave it as-is, Google will too.

Social Media SEO

Social Media SEO

Companies active on social media are ranked higher than those who aren’t.

Google knows people use social media to get in touch with businesses. If you don’t update your social media, your SEO effectiveness can suffer.

Ongoing Keyword Research

Ongoing Keyword Research

Always vital, having the right keywords tells Google and people what you’re all about.

Search habits change. Forgetting about keywords after your website goes live costs customers and visibility.

Link Building

Link Building

Link building is all about getting reputable websites to link to yours.

Some websites are popular and well-respected. Google knows what those sites are and will boost your ranking if they link directly to you.

Are you getting all that information from your current digital marketing company?
If not, shouldn’t you?
“Our old website wasn’t working. It had very poor search engine optimization and we felt like it wasn’t right for us. (With WEB ROI), the return on investment is very much worth it.”

You’re Local. Your SEO Services Should Be Too.

Imagine you’re a landscaper in Hamilton, Ontario. Your potential customer types “landscaping services in Hamilton” into Google only to find:

Your top competitors’ websites show up but yours does not
Your top competitors’ Google listings show up but yours does not

Customers look for local companies like yours. They want to know who in town can help with their needs.

Without local SEO services, someone around the corner from your business location might never know you exist.

When an SEO company does its job right, your website looks good, sounds smart and is easy to find.
And local SEO services should never stop, either. Tweaks should always help your business keep up with the latest Google updates and the ever-changing needs of your prospective customers.
Do you get all that from your current SEO service provider?

No? Sounds like it’s time for a change.

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