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Facebook Features Every Business Should Utilize

Facebook Features Every Business Should Utilize

Facebook has been on the top of every marketers list. It has also been on the top of every individual user’s list as their main form of social media. It’s a way to connect to friends, family and businesses.  

But is your business utilizing Facebook to its fullest ability? Are you reaching potential customers like you should be with ease? Let’s dive into some features that your business should be using on Facebook to be successful. 

Facebook Features You Should Utilize

Keep Track of Your Competitors with Facebook Insights 

One function that is important to utilize is Facebook's “Pages to Watch” feature. This allows you to see how you are doing or measuring up against your competitors on Facebook.  

By comparing your results side by side, you can gain useful information on how to better your business. 

Tracking  Your Competitors with Facebook Insights

This feature allows you to compare engagement, activity and your audience growth. It is especially useful if you want to see what is working and what is not working for your competitors and learn from their mistakes.  

Facebook Stories 

Facebook stories is quite like Instagram stories, this is where you share photos or videos for 24 hours of viewing before they disappear.  

There are many creative functions on Facebook Stories such as using locations, boomerang stickers, and more.  

Any business can create a story on Facebook and take advantage of the amazing targeting capabilities and consumer information through Facebook’s database. Your business will have the ability to measure results such as reach, brand awareness, views, conversions, traffic and more! 

facebook stories

A great way to utilize this feature is to drive people to your website and/or to purchase a certain product or service through the story. Businesses can also use Facebook stories in ad form, allowing them to reach almost double the amount of their current audience size. 


Facebook introduced call-to-action (CTA) for pages back in 2014, enabling business to drive their objectives by including CTAs on the cover photo section of their business. Most businesses miss out on this call-to-action opportunity, leaving them without optimal website traffic from their Facebook page.  Businesses have the option to choose from a variety of CTAs including but not limited to “Shop Now”, “Sign Up” and “Contact Us”. 

web roi facebook

This section of your business page drives traffic to your website. It gives customers a quick and easy way to grab information and to start shopping without having to scroll too far down the page.  

Schedule Posts 

Facebook has an amazing function which allows you to schedule and back date posts directly on the platform itself. This function eliminates the use of a third-party scheduler, making it a more efficient way to post on Facebook.  

Facebook publishing tools

Posting directly through Facebook gives you way more post-editing options and features than any other third-party platform on the market. Your business will have the ability to customize each post as you wish.             

Export Your Facebook Page Insights Data for Business Analytics  

Facebook provides vast reports on how your business is doing through their business page feature. If you are looking for information on how your audience is responding to your marketing tactics, you can export your Facebook insight files so that you can improve your content marketing strategy and drive more engagement and traffic to your page.  

Facebook Page Insights

You can opt to download your data once a month and save a copy of each file. Familiarize yourself with these metrics, learn from them and watch your business grow online 

Install Facebook Pixel for Retargeting  

Facebook pixel has an extremely powerful targeting ability. In its simplest form, Facebook Pixel is a snippet code that can be inserted to the backend of your website. It is an analytics tool that help’s brands and businesses create and improve their return on investment (ROI) by effectively measuring your ads.  

Facebook Pixel Landing Page

You can use this data to: 

  1. Make sure your ads are getting to the right kind of people  
  2. Build brand personas and audiences for advertising  
  3. Unlock additional Facebook advertising tools   

Benefits of a Facebook Business Page

  1. Displays your basic contact information  
  2. The ability to engage with new and longtime customers  
  3. Gain insights into your audience  
  4. It is cost effective  
  5. It can boost your website traffic 
  6. Improves your SEO 

Why Facebook and Why Facebook Business Pages? 

Facebook allows you to share your business in multiple ways, through video, pictures and text. This is a powerful way to communicate with customers and potential customers, allowing them to see your services or products without having to visit your website or facility. This is also a great way to spark conversation around your offerings and get into certain communities that your target market is joining in on.  

With Facebook Business, your company can reach billions of users, allowing you to build a huge email list. It is also a great way to reduce your marketing expenses as starting a Facebook Business Page costs you $0. With its unique structure, on Facebook Business Pages you can target audiences by location, demographics, and interests all while simultaneously gaining insights on them.  

By using Facebook your ability to build brand loyalty and awareness skyrockets and the traffic to your website also increases, who doesn’t want that? 


Facebook and Facebook business are comprised of many unique functions and features for you to utilize. Don’t miss out on the opportunities Facebook has for you to grow your online presence and create great ROI for your business.  

Having trouble setting up your Facebook Business Page? Want to start advertising through your Facebook Pixel, we’ve got your covered. Contacts us today at [email protected] to learn more.  Download our eBook on social media to help you optimize your socials.

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