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Google Autocompletion, Should Your Business Trust It?

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Google Autocomplete search, Should Your Business Trust It? 

What is Google Autocompletion? 

Autocompletion is a feature that Google uses within its searches to make it faster to complete searches you are beginning to type.  

Google’s Autocomplete function is personalized, meaning that it completes your search based on prior queries when it matches a defined query class or entity attribute. 

Google’s Autocompletion is essentially predictions based off previous searches to help you search more efficiently.  

Where Do These Predictions Come From? 

Google makes search predictions based on factors, like popularity or similarity.  

These predictions come from things like search terms you type in the search bar, relevant searches you’ve done in the past and what other people are searching for, including trending topics/searches, and even your location 

Should Your Business Trust Google Auto Completion?  

There is a dark side to Google’s algorithm. Don’t trust this blindly as your company can be affected by it.  

Google’s problems with dangerous search predictions reveal the autocomplete algorithm’s dark side. Any company with a web presence needs to be careful and aware of how their brand is perceived online.  

The search tool is where customers get their first impressions, and it presents both a problem and an opportunity for SEO’s and marketers.  

Your SEO strategy should include plan to take control of the Autocomplete predictions. The only way to remove negative suggestions from appearing is to replace them by generating organic traffic to positive ones.  

For example, some autofill's can include: 

  • “<Your Company Name> scandal 
  • “<Your Company Name> Fail” 
  • <Your Company Name> loses to competition”   

Optimize for Intent

It is imperative to predict what people might be searching for when they look up your company and provide them with answers that are easy enough to find.  

When organizing your website’s structure, make sure you are paying attention to the language you use. You do not want two synonymous terms competing against each other for a spot on the Autocomplete list.  

 Engage in the Conversation  

Take matters into your own hands. Take control of the online conversations about your brand. If you have a review section on your website, encourage individuals to leave comments and then engage with them. Also make sure to pay attention to those external review sites as well.  

Monitor social media and join the conversation to reinforce your positive brand image. 

Respond to Current Trends

Google’s Autocomplete predictions uses current trends and there is plenty of trends to draw from. Create relevant content on your website that relates to these current trending topics Google uses for Autocomplete. If the topic relates to your industry, then hit the ground running with it.  

There are many tools out there that will help you discover what these topics are, plan your content schedule accordingly and make the necessary changes throughout the cycle of your business.  

Research Keywords

Use Google Keyword Planner. Cross-check your keyword database with Google’s tool, as it directly links to the Autocompletion function.


Don’t ignore Google’s Autocomplete function. It requires your attention if you are hoping to build and maintain an online presence.  

Don't blindly trust that Google’s Autocomplete function will always give your customers the right answers or will give your business the shining light it needs.  

Make the first impression a good one, take Autocomplete into your own hands.  

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