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4 Things to Consider Before Changing Your Business Name: Digital Marketing Edition

Your brand is integral to your business, and sometimes, it's necessary to undergo a complete rebranding strategy to develop a brand that properly represents your business to your target audience. While rebranding can bring about countless benefits, it's not without risks. An integral part of rebranding often involves changing a business' name. This can be […]
Things to Consider Before Changing Your Business Name

How to Improve SEO Rankings For Your Landscaping Business

Google search results are often location-based, meaning that when potential clients search for your landscaping services, they’ll likely be presented with nearby businesses first. So, to improve SEO rankings for your landscaping business, you need to target your location and where you operate through keywords.  This is great for generating leads in your area, but […]
Improve Your Landscaping Business SEO

4 FAQs on Content Marketing and SEO: How Are They Related?

Content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) are two foundational pillars of an effective digital marketing strategy. They are distinct yet related practices, and understanding the basics of each concept is crucial to building your business's online presence and attracting quality leads.   In this article, we'll discuss:  What is content marketing? What is SEO? […]
FAQs on Content Marketing and SEO

Don’t Lose Potential Customers: Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile (GBP), sometimes called your Google business listing, is the section that shows up on the side of a Google search results page when you search for a business or business type. Here you will see the name of the business, the location, phone number, and buttons to leave a review and […]

The Importance of an SSL Certificate For Your Company Website

For businesses in any industry, the company website is a lifeline for prospective customers and clients to find you, get to know more about you, and possibly buy your products and services. And in the modern digital world, safety and security are at the forefront of most people’s minds, especially when it comes to giving […]

Top Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices (Podcast)

  Podcast Transcription Denise B Welcome back, listeners. This is our second episode in this format. We're so happy you joined us after that first one. Caleb S Yeah, thanks for joining us, guys. Denise B In our first episode, we talked about our ROI pyramid which is going through different marketing strategies and when […]
Must-Listen Digital Marketing Podcasts

Search Trends During and After the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on almost every aspect of society, and search trends are no different. Typical search queries shifted during and after the pandemic compared to before, and the rise of online shopping during COVID significantly impacted Google search trends.  Some of the most searched words during lockdown likely could have […]
Search Trends During and After the Pandemic

All You Need to Know About Local Search Ranking Factors & Vicinity Update

Local search rankings are an important factor in a strong SEO strategy. They take physical proximity into account, working to match users with search results within their locale. And in the tail end of 2021, Google introduced a big local search algorithm update in years which is being coined the vicinity update.  What Is Google's […]
What You Need to Know About Local Search Ranking Factors & Vicinity Update

4 Effective Ways to Measure Your SEO Performance According to Experts

Search engine optimization (SEO) is just as it sounds – it's the strategy behind optimizing your website to rank high within a search engine's (like Google's) search results. So how exactly do you measure your SEO performance? Buckle up because we're about to explore the most effective methods for SEO performance measurement.  1. Organic Search Performance  […]
Effective Ways to Measure Your SEO Performance

The Prize is a High-Traffic Website That Generates Quality Leads

With a high-traffic website designed to convert quality leads into paying customers you can shift your focus to other areas of your business (or reclaim some much-needed personal time).

Stop running in circles. Choose digital marketing services that are guaranteed to get you results. With an award-winning website design company like WEB ROI at your side, it won't take long to achieve your goals.

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