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How to Improve SEO Rankings For Your Landscaping Business

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Google search results are often location-based, meaning that when potential clients search for your landscaping services, they’ll likely be presented with nearby businesses first. So, to improve SEO rankings for your landscaping business, you need to target your location and where you operate through keywords. 

This is great for generating leads in your area, but what if you are looking to expand your company’s geographical reach outside of your physical location? For example, if you're based in Toronto, expanding to geographies such as Oakville, Guelph, Georgetown, Brampton, and more will require additional targeting. Let’s take a look at how to improve your landscaping businesses’ search engine rankings within your community and beyond, to ensure that you’re on the road to success! 

Hyperlocal SEO

The neighbourhood directly surrounding your business makes up your hyperlocal area, and it’s typically your best chance of ranking high in what we call “Google’s local pack.” Google local pack is a term used to describe the search engine results on the first page of a search query with a local intent. The local pack features a map of business locations and listings for at least three businesses relevant to a particular search.  

When prospective clients are physically located in a particular neighbourhood and search using terms like “landscaping near me,” Google can adjust the search radius to only a few city blocks (when there are enough businesses to do so). 

Google’s local pack radius varies considerably based on the size and density of your area and the amount of competition you’re facing as a landscaping service provider. Here are a few tips to help your landscaping company excel in hyperlocal search results: 

  • Use a Google Business Profile with as much information included as possible. Fill out all relevant fields and respond to any posted reviews. 
  • List your business and services on leading business information platforms in your area. 
  • Mention hyperlocal terms like neighbourhood names on your company website, particularly on the landing page from your Google listing. 

Local SEO

Wondering how to rank #1 in a Google search? Local rankings are similar to hyperlocal, but they encompass an entire city rather than a specific neighbourhood. Suppose somebody is searching terms like “landscaping” or “landscape services” and Google believes they’re seeking local results rather than just general information. In that case, Google will create and display a local pack of results.  

In most cases, Google will use the searcher’s physical location to customize the packs. However, with the proper local SEO techniques, you can overcome this and have your landscaping business rank across your entire city for various search phrases and multiple searcher locales

Here's how: 

  1. Build your brand and reputation to use Google’s bias to your advantage. When a company has enough authority and popularity, it can override the hyperlocal results and rank across an entire city. 
  2. Specialize in some element that enables you to rank for less competitive keywords. For instance, if you’re the only landscaping business in your region offering hardscape services, you can dominate the search results and surpass the competition for anybody adding “hardscape” to their search as a keyword. 
  3. Set yourself apart as a company. Whether you’re open for more months in a year, offer lower rates, are women-led, or bundle services with expert advice, use these specializations to set yourself apart from the pack. 
  4. Publicize your unique selling points and highlight them with great website content 
  5. Connect with local journalists or bloggers to create buzz and direct traffic to your business.  
  6. Team up with related local businesses like nurseries or home renovation contractors and cross-sell, making sure to promote one another online. 

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Regional SEO

Now that you’ve got your local rankings covered, how do you expand to surrounding regions? Unless there’s very little competition in your area, you’re unlikely to rank for searches in neighbouring cities without employing a few strategies to increase your visibility beyond your home city: 

Foster face-to-face relationships in neighbouring cities.

Consider sending representatives to farmer’s markets, garden tours, schools, expos, and other city events where you can engage with the community. You could even sponsor regional events and sports teams or collaborate and cross-sell with businesses related to landscaping. 

Publicize these community relationships! 

Whether you choose to write web content, interact on social media, advertise in local newspapers, or write blogs, you should complement your growing reach with an online presence to match.  

Make it Known On Your Website

If your landscaping business is in a single location that services multiple cities, develop a website landing page for each city that you serve. By featuring past projects, client reviews, photos, and other elements specific to those surrounding cities, you allow your single-location business to rank in organic searches outside your immediate location. 

Province-Wide SEO

At the province-wide level, the route to better rankings hinges on increasing your business’ domain authority to gain broader visibility and expand your reach:  

  • Take your website publications seriously. The more you write about your services and offerings, the more of an authoritative resource you become. 
  • Invest in link research tools and keyword analysis to determine which links and terms are helping competitors rank highly and where you should have your links to increase your visibility and beat the competition in organic search results.
  • Determine your state or province’s most reliable media sources and strategize to gain publicity from those sources. Print, radio, television, social media, and blogs can all help to build your state or province-wide awareness, helping you to leave your competition in the dust. 

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National SEO

Wondering how to rank a website on Google to compete nationally? Suppose your landscaping business has a single physical location. In that case, you need to rely heavily on your links and advertising to keep up with the competition across the country. 

Focus on a Niche

Leaning into a specialty or rarity may be your greatest strength if you offer a unique service that other landscapers cannot provide.

Build a Good Reputation Online

Building your website’s authority is another promising avenue; filling your website with quality, relevant content allows your business to rank for all kinds of queries related to landscaping services and techniques, thus increasing web traffic to your business. 

Maintain Your Priorities

Although you’re aiming to rank nationwide, you still need to be aware of your competition at a local and regional level. By taking a look in the side mirror to see where your competitors are, you can better fine-tune your offerings and online presence to keep up with your fiercest local competitors and appeal to regional needs and customers. 

Ranking in every city across a nation is a difficult feat to achieve, and it’s typically only done by businesses with overwhelming brand recognition and supreme authority. Smaller companies are still in the running, though. Focusing on a few major cities rather than thousands of them can be beneficial to start and give you a better shot at making progress rather than just spinning your wheels without seeing results.  

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