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4 Effective Ways to Measure Your SEO Performance According to Experts

Effective Ways to Measure Your SEO Performance

Search engine optimization (SEO) is just as it sounds – it's the strategy behind optimizing your website to rank high within a search engine's (like Google's) search results. So how exactly do you measure your SEO performance? Buckle up because we're about to explore the most effective methods for SEO performance measurement. 

1. Organic Search Performance 

Organic search occurs when a user searches for something on a search engine and arrives at your website simply through the work of algorithms and rankings, without the aid of advertising or paid elements. Organic search performance is the best indicator you have when determining whether or not your SEO has got any traction. 

An effective indicator for the overall performance of your SEO strategy, organic search traffic holds more value than keyword rankings (which are also important) because it tells you how many people clicked through to your website. This data can be easily found in Google Analytics under "Organic Traffic." 

2. Keyword Ranking 

Keywords are the words and phrases that users enter into search engines to find relevant results. They can be specific individual words or longer long-tail keywords.  

Conducting keyword research to determine which words and phrases are relevant to your business and what sort of terms your prospective customers are searching for is an important preliminary step. To track your keyword ranking and gain perspective on the overall performance of your SEO strategy, you can utilize a keyword research tool to make sure you stay on track and continue to accelerate your business forward.  

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3. Referral Traffic 

Referral traffic doesn't come directly from search results but through external links that direct users to your website. This metric (which can be tracked on Google Analytics) provides excellent insight into the quality of your link-building strategy. This important element helps to fuel any successful SEO campaign.  

Building high-quality links that provide strong content on reputable, high-authority websites can direct substantial traffic toward your website. The process of link building itself also works in favour of your SEO strategy, as an abundance of strong backlinks signals to Google that you have a high-quality website with good content, making you a resource worth citing. 

4. Traffic Distribution 

Tracking how much traffic is directed into each individual webpage can give you a far more accurate idea of how your SEO efforts are performing and which aspects are yielding results. Some businesses opt for an SEO strategy that prioritizes certain pages over others. Still, in general, it's good practice to disperse your efforts across the entirety of your website to get the most mileage out of your time and energy. 

Take a look at how many pages of your website have attracted some organic traffic and how they compare. This will help you fine-tune your SEO strategy and apply those successful techniques to the remainder of your website, which may be lagging.  

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The road to an impactful SEO strategy can be long and winding, but these four elements are very effective for measuring your SEO performance, and they can help you to set a course for your future strategy. For help in that process, contact WEB ROI to gain the insights and expertise of our team of SEO pros as you speed along the road to success.  


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