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Marketing Funnels For Your Home Improvement Business: Target Customers in Each Stage

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Funnel-building marketing involves considering the path your prospective clients will take as they progress through the various stages of their journey to becoming a customer of your home improvement business. Optimizing your funnel tactics and leading your customers through thoughtfully designed funnel stages will help get your marketing strategy on the path to success and direct more traffic to your business! 

What is a Marketing Funnel?

You can think of a marketing funnel as a map for your prospective clients, with a sale as the ultimate destination; wouldn’t it make more sense to show them the most direct route and avoid unnecessary detours and roadblocks?  

Successful funnel tactics can vary across industries, which is why this introductory guide is written with Canadian home improvement businesses specifically in mind. Whether you’re a plumbing business in the Hamilton area, an HVAC business out of Mississauga, or a landscaping company based in Georgetown, we have just what you need to kick your marketing tactics up a gear and leave your competition in the dust! 

Stage One: Awareness 

The awareness stage of your sales funnel is where you’ll interact with the largest number of prospects – this number will decrease in each stage, and it’s only natural to do so. The concept is simple: people can’t purchase from your company if they don’t know you exist! 

Building awareness for your brand and business within the home improvement industry can be done in various ways. You can choose to utilize truck or van wraps, yard signs, or in-person networking.  

Digital marketing and social media campaigns can do wonders to help you reach a younger demographic. To drive forward the awareness stage, consider blogging! Your business will show up in search results by writing helpful, informative blogs regarding common home improvement issues. This allows interacting with anybody who seeks that particular piece of information, helping you to interact with prospects who would never have learned about your business otherwise! 

Need help navigating the sales funnel for your business? Reach out to our team today. 

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Stage Two: Engagement 

Once you have successfully gotten the attention of your prospects, it’s time for you to engage with them. Engagement in the home services industry can vary but utilizing strong calls-to-action to drive customers toward the next step is necessary no matter what sort of engagement tactics you choose.  

Engagement techniques to consider for your home improvement business include: 

  • Encourage prospects to book a consultation online 
  • Prompt visitors to follow your social media profiles 
  • Entice prospective customers to request an estimate 
  • Offer to chat online  
  • Prompt users to sign up for an e-newsletter 
  • Encourage visitors to call your shop 

Stage Three: Making the Sale 

Now that you’ve successfully engaged with your prospects, you can drive the sale forward to earn their business! Businesses within the home services industry can entice prospects to choose their company by offering added value through methods like: 

  • Providing estimates 
  • Promoting deals and specials 
  • Demonstrating excellent customer service 
  • Offering continued guidance and support, even after the sale 
  • Allowing for various financing options 

Stage Four: Retention 

Many believe that the funnel ends once the sale has been made. That’s good for you – if you continue to support your customers even after the sale stage, you immediately set yourself apart, and you can wave goodbye to your competition in the rear-view mirror! 

Putting thought into the retention stage helps you to gain repeat business. Still, it also does wonders for earning you positive referrals and testimonials (this provides a positive loop that feeds back into stage one of your sales funnel).  

Your home services business can retain customers and gain referrals through post-job follow-ups, offering referral programs, or sending newsletters to existing customers. You can never go wrong in showing appreciation for pleasant customers and highlighting successful projects, and you can even offer recurring service plans to drive consistent business! 

We Know How to Build Marketing Funnels For Your Home Improvement Company

Funnel stages are a valuable aspect of a strong digital marketing strategy. If you’re seeking more information or help to navigate funnel tactics for your home improvement business, contact WEB ROI today.


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