Website Speed is Critical to a Successful Internet Business

Google has recently announced that there is going to be a website speed penalty forwebsites that are slow. Google will now be testing your website’s load time because they have started using website speed as a parameter in their ranking algorithms.


This new development means that your website speed will affect your rankings on Google, and should be a warning to those websites that are slow that it is time to improve site speed.

Google’s decision to include website speed in their ranking algorithm is not haphazard.  The change in how Google is ranking websites reflects the numerous advantages to having a fast website, including the fact that:

  • Users prefer websites that load faster and as a result will spend more time on these websites
  • A faster website provides a better browsing experience because users are able to get the information they need faster and more efficiently as they are able to navigate through the site quickly
  • Websites that are optimized for speed work better when accessed on mobile phones and PDAs

In addition to benefits for the internet user, a fast website will also benefit your business because it can allow you to reduce the bandwidth required on your hosting service, which can reduce your overall hosting costs. How will Speed Affect Google Ranking?

Speed will be a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, but not the primary consideration for determining ranking results.  The quality and relevance of the information on the website will still be Google’s primary parameter.  If your website’s speed is low you will receive a Google penalty, which will affect your overall ranking. Google will use two factors to determine speed assessment:

  • A higher ranking will be given to sites that respond faster to Googlebot (a crawler program that Google uses to find and index websites)
  • A good speed ranking will be given if Google Tool Bar records faster loading time on your website than on your competitors’

Assess Your Website Speed It is now, more than ever, important to assess the speed of your website to determine if the speed is affecting your rankings on SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) because your site is slower than your competitors.

To help you assess your website speed Google has added a Page Speed Report to their Webmaster Tools in the Google Webmasters Lab Section. Ultimately, to maintain or improve your ranking on SERPS you will need to ensure your website speed is not only fast,  but faster than your competitors, while continuing to produce and maintain quality and relevant information on your website.

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