Your 2022 Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet

Your Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet for 2022

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It’s 2022 and you and your business have decided to hit the ground running with social media marketing. This is an excellent way to start 2022, but how exactly do you implement your strategy? 

Planning is key and knowing what your goals are is imperative to the success of using social media for your business. 

Here are your Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheets for 2022 to help you plan your strategy accordingly. 

How to Best Leverage Social Media

How to Best Leverage Social Media

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Knowing what platform works best for you is important but also understanding what each platform gives you in return is key.  

If you are looking for brand exposure only, you have a wide range of platforms to choose from however, if you're looking for SEO capabilities, your list narrows down to only a couple of options.  

Do your research, know what you want out of each platform and build your strategy accordingly.  

Image Sizing Cheat Sheet

social media sizing for images cheat sheet 2021

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Sizing your image correctly is following best practices. You want your images to stand out and be formatted correctly to catch the eye of the scroller.  

When creating your strategy keep these sizes in mind. 

What We Anticipate For 2022

As we move begin our marketing endeavors for 2022, it is important to take the time to look at possible trends and changes. The key to success lies in anticipation and planning accordingly.  

Here is what we anticipate for 2022: 


Instagram will be crawling posts for keywords this year. This means there will be a shift in the way marketers tackle SEO on the platform. The way Instagram used to function search wise was you could search by hashtag or username, now you can search by keywords. Instagram keywords will work together with Google’s algorithm, making it easier for results from Instagram to show up on GoogleThis has not been confirmed yet, but speculation in the community is high. The results of this shift are that it will change the way marketers post on Instagram and will shift the use of hashtags. For better reach and engagement WEB ROI suggests to do keyword research for your Instagram content.  


A very important shift will be happening for Facebook, we saw the use of hashtags shift in the last couple years on Facebook and this year there is yet another shift. Facebook will index hashtags within their own platform. This will make it easier to search within Facebook itself. Another important change we will see is the release of tools for businesses on organic growth. We don’t know what this will look like yet, but we do know that this will have a great impact on analytics.  

Tik Tok

Tik Tok will start indicating which accounts on their platform are businesses. They are making it easier for businesses to interact with their platform by optimizing business pages. Our suggestion is to set up a Tik Tok account sooner rather than later, so when you can make the switch to a business account, your brand will already have content out there and be recognizable.  

Social Commerce

Something that we have seen grow in 2020 and that will continue to flourish this year is social commercePlatforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest will grow their social commerce tools, making it the mainstream way to shop. This is an easy way to reach new people fast, to save money and start selling quickly, especially for small businesses. We recommend setting up a social commerce profile for people who are not ready to make the dive into an ecommerce site. 

Next Steps

Now that you have picked up some social media knowledge, how will your social media strategy for 2022 look 

Building your strategy will be a trial-and-error process, learn from your analytics and insight pages and tweak your strategy throughout 2022 as needed.  

Stay up to date with trending topics and changes with WEB ROI.  

Social media marketing can be a daunting task, if you are looking into starting your 2022 strategy but aren’t sure where to begin, contact WEB ROI at [email protected], we can help. To learn more about how you can optimize your social media, download your FREE copy of Social Media Tips to Drive Your Business Forward.

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