3 Ways Your Accessible Website Will Increase Conversions

Updated on: 18-02-2022 by WEB-ROI

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Here at WEB ROI, we’ve discussed the importance of accessibility in your website and the various factors that contribute to creating an accessible website. Now, we’d like to discuss the value of accessibility from a business owner’s perspective, and how accounting for online accessibility needs will effectively increase your conversion rate and drive sales. 

1. Higher Accessibility Improves User Experience 

Integrating accessibility factors into your web design benefits every user who visits your webpage, regardless of their particular accessibility needs. Of course, those who are differently-abled will undoubtedly benefit from increased accessibility tools, but so too will your average user. 

The inclusion of accessibility factors essentially acts to improve the overall UX for your website. These factors will make your site easier to navigate, quicker to use, and free from unnecessary errors and dead ends. Essentially, taking accessibility into consideration helps you to ensure that your website is running like a well-oiled machine!  

2. Accessibility Increases Compatibility 

One factor to an accessible website is that it must be robust. This essentially means that it can be interpreted reliably by a wide variety of user agents, including but not limited to assistive technologies.  

A robust website is great because it can be easily accessed by users who utilize screen readers and other assistive technologies. It’s also great because it means that users on any type of device, and using any type of web browser, can also access your content without a hitch. 

Making your website accessible to all results in fewer roadblocks to your visitors, and therefore, a higher conversion rate. Don’t allow oversights or bugs in your web design to be the reason that you lose customers – accounting for accessibility helps to ensure that you’re not losing leads before they even reach your content. 

3. Boost Your Brand Image 

Chances are, regardless of your industry, you want your brand image to be one of trustworthiness and dependability. Once that’s achieved, driving traffic to your business and keeping it there becomes significantly easier – like you’re cruising along, rather than embarking upon an endlessly uphill journey.  

There are many factors that contribute to a brand’s image. Accessibility is one of those factors. If you want your brand image to include reliability and good-heartedness, that must be reflected in your online content and web design. This means, by extension, you must be doing everything in your power to avoid excluding potential clientele on the basis of their individual abilities or resources.  

Pay attention to your website’s accessibility because it’s the right thing to do. It benefits your audience, it benefits your business, and it benefits your brand.  

If you’ve hit a roadblock or if you’re unsure how to improve your website’s accessibility, reach out to us at WEB ROI. We have the experience and the know-how to help you to get your website running smoothly for each and every visitor, and to drive your business forward on the road to success.  

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