What is a Google Featured Snippet and How Can It Help Your Business?

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What is a Google featured snippet? You may see one when you put any search term that you’re curious about into Google. A featured snippet is a box of information that appears below the ads but above the first-place search result. Google’s algorithm has chosen to highlight this site’s content, often because that content gives the answer that the user is looking for. Just as there are benefits of getting the number one rank on Google, there are benefits to having your content in a featured snippet.  

Benefits of Featured Snippets  

The biggest benefit of a featured snippet is driving website traffic. Aiming for Google’s featured snippets can help you pass your competitors and catapult into first place – ahead of even the number one search result for a particular set of keywords. The content in the featured snippet drives an average of 8.5% of the traffic from the search result. Thus, featured snippet opportunities can accelerate you towards your goals by creating huge benefits for your business.  

When you optimize for featured snippets, you’ll target search terms that are directly related to your offerings, and therefore boost your website traffic with well-qualified visitors. This can help turbo-boost your sales and revenue, too. Download our free eBook on how to improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

Taking control of featured snippets can also help raise the profile of your brand. Your information will be seen as more trustworthy and that can increase customer trust and confidence.  

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Take the Lead with Featured Snippet Opportunities  

How do you find opportunities for featured snippets? You can start by looking at your existing keyword research. Find phrases or questions that are important to you and search them to see if Google offers a featured snippet for any of them. There are four different kinds of snippets that you might find: 

  1. Definitions: A definition featured snippet usually answers keywords that ask for definitions. For example, “What is a tankless water heater,” or “What is buttercream icing” might both have a definition featured snippet. It’s a small box with the definition highlighted and pulled right from the website.  
  2. Tables: These featured snippets pull tables from the relevant website. “The sizes of propane tanks” and “The sizes of mattresses” might be presented in table form. The table itself is pulled from the website’s content; Google doesn’t make it.  
  3. Lists: Google might also present featured snippets as lists. “Countries by GDP” and “Options for accounting software” might both be presented in a list.  
  4. Numbered listsWhen the order on the list matters, Google will present it as a numbered list. This is common for recipe instructions or results of races.  

How to Optimize for Featured Snippets 

You can rev up your content to make it more likely to be selected as a featured snippet. To do this, you just need to make sure that your blog includes the kind of information that Google is looking for. If it’s a table snippet, include a table. If it’s a definition snippet, include a short definition.  

Once you have the content you needmake sure that you have the correct formatting for Google to recognize your information. For example, you need to use H2 and H3 tags (different headers) to create lists that Google can read.   

WEB ROI can help you use featured snippets to take the lead over your competition. Reach out to us to discuss how you can fine-tune your business’ marketing efforts. 





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