4 Proven Ways to Make the Most Out of Your High Traffic Blogs

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If you’re like most businesses, you have a handful of blogs that receive significantly more traffic than othersThese are your elite driversthe articles that out-perform and exceed your expectations. Usually, these champion pieces are very practical, longer articles that are of great interest to your target customer. How do you ensure that you’re making the most out of these high traffic blogs? We have some ideas you can use to turn more of your blog traffic into sales while still accomplishing your other content goals, like expanding your blog audience. 

1. Include or Change the Call to Action  

A “Call-To-Action” (CTA) encourages readers to do something after they’ve read your content. You’ll see them at the end of most blogs, encouraging people to buy, contact the company, or take other actions that suit the brand. If you don’t have a CTA in your blog, then adding one is a smart idea.  

If your blog does have a CTAtake a moment to make it more compelling. Consider where your reader is in terms of your sales funnel and gear your CTA towards that journey. For example, if one of your high performing blogs introduces the idea of a new service, the readers are likely early in the sales funnel and will probably respond best to CTAs about learning more or obtaining answers to their questions.  

2. Update the Blog 

When were your high traffic blogs published? If it has been a while and/or some of the information in the blog has changed, it is ripe for an update. By updating the blog, you ensure that it stays relevant and keeps driving valuable traffic to your site. You may also boost its standing on the search engine result pages (SERPs) and further your SEO efforts by updating it 

When you update the blog, do not change the URL or “slug” as this may negatively impact the blog’s SERP standing. Keep the same keywords for the title too. For clarity, you may want to add an editor’s note that explains you updated the blog. This can help reassure readers who are looking for current content and who may notice that your blog was originally published years ago.  

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3. Reach out to Mentioned Influencers 

Did you mention a person or organization in the blog? Either one might hold influence in your industry. This person or organization should know about the mention in your high-performing blog. Reach out to them and share that you have a high performing blog with their name in it. You can offer them a link in exchange for a blog back-link. Or you can ask the person or organization to promote the blog on their social media.

4. Re-Purpose 

Your best blogs are great candidates to repurpose into other forms of content. You can make your blog a podcast, a video, a white paper, an infographic, or even the basis for a guest post elsewhere. Your goals will help you determine the best way to repurpose your existing content. For example: 

  • Generate leads: Gated content, like a white paper that expands on your blog, is a great way to get contact information that you can then turn it into leads. Another way to do this is by creating internal links (for example, link to your other blog posts that convert).  
  • Increase traffic: Visual options such as infographics and videos are a good way to help you boost traffic as they are highly sharable on social media.  
  • Improve SEO: Repurposing content to help you meet SEO goals is a great way to help better position your website on Google's results pages.  

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