The Importance of Google Reviews

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You know you’re doing everything in your power to provide exceptional products and services. However, all your efforts could be for naught if your customer base doesn’t have a way of sharing their positive experiences. Your happy customers are the key to your success. So how do you leverage your satisfied customers to gain more business? Google reviews are one of the best ways to increase reach, and best of all, it’s free. Here’s why Google Reviews are so important for your online strategy.

Google Reviews Help SEO

By now you know SEO is not easy. You’re up against Google’s search algorithms which are constantly updated. Because Google makes their algorithms more and more complex, it’s harder to improve your organic rankings. However, reviews can help trigger Google’s search engines to find you. Therefore, if you can improve your business’ Google reviews, you can improve your SEO. Google loves to find a diverse selection of quality reviews as they provide a true view of your customers’ take on how well you’re doing. More positive reviews can send you higher and higher in rankings boosting your SEO efforts. In fact, Google business reviews are free and can prove to be one of the most effective elements of your SEO strategy.

How to Leverage Google Reviews

Simply put you want to show up in Google’s “Map Pack.” This highly prized collection of search results is local search gold. The Map Pack is a group of businesses found at the top of the local search with all your information and a marker on the map. It also shows how many reviews you have and your average rating. So, without encouraging reviews, you miss out on top ranking on your local Map Pack.

How to Leverage Google Reviews

You can make sure you show up in the Map Pack by leveraging your free Googly My Business account. To optimize your Google My Business account you must:

  • Ensure you have entered your complete data
  • Verify all your locations
  • Make sure you update your hours to keep them accurate
  • Manage your reviews and make sure you respond to them in a timely manner
  • Add photos to show off your business

By completing your account info, you show Google your relevance, distance, and prominence so they can match you to their searches. And don’t worry if you feel you’re a little further out than competitors. It’s not just about location, but also your relevance to the searcher and why you’re a better match. Reviews help show Google that.

Google Reviews are crucial for your business. Want to learn more? Contact our marketing experts today. We are here to help!

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How to Ask for Reviews

Remember this number: 87% of people read online reviews for local businesses. Combine this number with the fact Google uses reviews to help find your position in the Map Pack and organic rankings, and it’s a no-brainer that you need to not only pay attention to customer reviews but also ask for them. How do you solicit reviews? Send an email after every transaction and ask for them.

If you can do this immediately after providing your service or product, you reach out when the experience is fresh, and the customer is still basking in satisfaction. Asking for Google reviews helps you become a triple threat: 1) Map Pack, 2) Top Organic Ranking, and 3) Impressive Reviews to grab those click-throughs.

Unsure about how to get started with Google Reviews for your business? No problem! At WEB ROI, our marketing experts are here to help! Contact us today to learn more about Google Reviews and how it can benefit your business.