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The Importance of Digital Marketing for Home Builders: How Does Your Digital House Look?

Importance of Digital Marketing for Home Builders

As a home builder, your focus is on making custom homes that fit your customer's needs. Your focus may not exactly be on marketing, although you know this is an important part of your business. Digital marketing for home builders isn't all too different than any other business, but it's important to consider your target audience and what behaviours will drive them to your site. 

In this article, we lay out effective strategies you can use to drive more traffic to your business. 

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Home Builders

The world is becoming more digitized. Everyone is on their phone, laptop or computer surfing the internet for things to buy.  

It’s no news that new, existing and old homebuyers do tons of research on the internet to ensure they are ready to purchase, know what they want, and find the best builders around their area.  

Your customers are the reason why you should reinvent the way you market. The key here is to have a strong online presence. This is because new homeowners Google everything and when they become a homeowner of 15 years and want to renovate, they Google again. If your online presence is lacking, then why should they choose you over a competitor 

3 Must-Have Digitial Marketing Strategies for Home Builders 

In order to be successful in the home-building community, your company must follow these three Digital Marketing Techniques.  

  1. Impressive Website
  2. Powerful Social Media 
  3. Ranking Well on Search Engines  

1. An Impressive Website

Your website is the window into your digital marketing house. This is what your customers see right after they do their Google search, so you want to make a great impression.  

Don’t overload your potential customers with information, choose your key points and drive them to a leading call-to-action, like registering for your next building phase 

Pictures are a great way to entice potential customers and help them decide whether they want to go with you for a home build. It is great to include a portfolio on your website, a page that has your most amazing work showcased, maybe some pictures of your workers on the job as well. People want to feel connected to your brand, feel like they know and trust you and this does exactly that. 

2. A Powerful Social Media Presence 

It is important to engage with your customers, both past, new and present. Establishing relationships with them is how you keep customers coming back and what spreads word-of-mouth marketing.  

Showcasing your work, connecting with your audience, and answering they're their most burning questions, all of this will help build credibility and trust. Without these techniques, it makes it hard for a purchaser to go through with their decision.  

A great technique is to create a Facebook page and start engaging in conversations on other pages or groups. Answer questions, post pictures, and share details about your business.  

3. Ranking Well on Search Engines

You are going to want to rank well for keyword phrases that will bring a new audience to you. The better you rank for the long-tail keywords, the more traffic you will bring in.  

Make sure your website is search engine optimized (SEO) as well are your blog posts. Incorporate keywords in hashtags on social media.  

It’s essential that you work on local SEO, by doing this you will let Google know where you are located as well as your homes. This will put you on the map of search engines.  

What Does Your Digital House Look Like?

Take some time, look through your website, blog, social media and keywords. What are they doing for you? Are they bringing in prospects, are you making sales? 

Is it the best it can be? 

Your digital house should look just as good as the ones you build for your clients.  

Evaluate Your Website & Socials

Your website is the window to your digital home. This is where people get the first impression, they get a sneak peek into your home but are not fully committed to making their entrance yet. So, customers turn to social media. They look through reviews, pictures, comments, and start to see credibility in your work and words.  

Check Your Search Results

Once they look through your website and social media, they may decide to do some extra Googling, which is where your keywords come into play, your blog shows up where they read some more and eventually step through the door with one of your call-to-action.  

This is how the process should look.  

If one fails, then the process isn’t completed and won’t work 

Work with a Team that Specializes in Digitial Marketing For Home Builders

So why is digital marketing crucial for home builders? Well, it’s simply because it builds trust and credibility for your business, and consumers make decisions based on emotions.  

If you want your digital house to look impressive but don’t have the time or resources to do so, get in contact with us, and WEB ROI can help you and your digital house shine!  

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