SEO Strategies to Help Your B2B Website Rank in Multiple Cities

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Designing your SEO strategy in a way that allows you to rank in multiple cities may be just what your B2B website needs to kick things into the next gear. Perhaps your business runs out of Waterloo, Ontario, and you’ve done a great job at ranking locally – this is nothing to scoff at, and it’s a crucial leap toward the road to success! However, you would get much more mileage out of your online presence if you could rank in Halton, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, and beyond, wouldn’t you? 

Ranking in multiple cities is a valuable achievement both for businesses with multiple locations and those looking to rank in cities where they don’t have an address. Here we’ll discuss some key strategies to help you rank well in multiple cities so that you can continue to accelerate your B2B company forward. 

1. Create Individual Location Pages 

Creating individual pages for each of the cities you serve is hugely beneficial in helping you to rank in those separate locales. Whether you have a physical office or store in those cities, or if they’re communities you serve at a distance, the simple act of creating specific web pages targeted toward those cities will help you immensely when it comes to appearing in search results. 

This technique allows you to optimize your keywords according to Google’s criteria, ranking much higher when users from those cities search for a product or service you provide. 

Make Sure to Create High-Quality, Contextually Relevant Location Pages

However, it’s important to note that you can’t simply copy and paste the exact same information from page to page and only replace the city names. This will flag a duplicate content issue, resulting in a low ranking or potentially even a penalty for your site. Create unique content for each individual page so that you avoid spinning your wheels without gaining any traction! 

2. Include Local Information Whenever Possible 

The more relevant your web content is to a particular city, the more likely it will rank well in search results. For a B2B company specifically, local information can look like anything from local projects you’ve worked on or businesses you’ve collaborated with to community charities and fundraisers that you’ve taken part in. 

Including as much high-quality, local information as possible can only benefit you as you work toward ranking in multiple locations. Get creative with it – if the examples mentioned above aren’t relevant to your business, consider writing a blog post focusing on an element of the target city and how it connects to what your business has to offer. The road to success looks different to everyone, and you may have to forge your path from time to time! 

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3. Utilize Your Google Business Profile

To truly optimize your local search rankings in various cities, you must use your Google Business Profile to the fullest extent. Earning a place in Google’s top three local map packs will allow you to speed past the competition like nothing else!

Those three results take up most of the screen space whether users are searching with a mobile or a desktop device. They are perceived immediately as high-quality and trustworthy options for the user to choose from. 

How do you steer your way into one of the top three spots in Google’s local map pack?

The first step is to ensure that you have claimed your Google Business listing and that it is accurate. It’s also important that your citations be consistent across various platforms since Google will cross-reference this information. If there appear to be errors regarding the basic information for your business, you significantly reduce your chances of earning a high ranking. 

Accumulating strong local reviews is another surefire way to strengthen your Google profile and increase your trustworthiness to both Google and prospective clients alike. Reviews are a strong ranking factor for Google, so put the pedal to the metal and encourage your satisfied clients to leave glowing reviews! 

4. Work With Local SEO Experts

For more information on how you can improve your rankings in multiple cities, or for anything regarding SEO strategy for your B2B company, contact the team at WEB ROI today. Together we can drive your business forward and leave your competition in the dust! 


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