5 Landscape Marketing Tips That Will Make Your Business Look as Beautiful As Your Work

Landscape Marketing Tips

You focus on making your client's backyard beautiful, but do you have the time to make your business look just as beautiful? 

Your client's matter and your time is precious. Here are the best marketing ideas that will make your business look gorgeous in no time at all.  

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Top 5 Marketing Tips for Your Landscaping Business

1) Build Recognition forYour Brand 

Brand recognition is an important part of digital marketing that aids in brand trust and loyalty. Building brand recognition will not only attract potential customers into your business but it will paint a picture of your brand easily to new and existing clients.  

One of the easiest yet most important tactics to help build brand recognition for your landscaping company is to create a unique logo. Your logo should be creative and to the point. This is one of the first things people will see about your company, kind of like a first impression, you want to make this a good one. Potential leads will also make an opinion of your business based on your logo. Your logo instills trust, if your logo is beautiful then your work must be too.  

Use your logo everywhere, on your website, on promotional materials, on your trucks. The more people that see your logo, the better chance you have of them remembering who you are and them picking up the phone.  

2) Build A Portfolio 

Building a portfolio is a tactic that many companies, landscaping to spas, use to attract customers on a more personal level. Here, is where you can make your company shine.  

You make beautiful things happen for your clients, so why not showcase your beautiful work to the public?  

Images are a crucial component in building your portfolio. Pictures speak a thousand words, and most clients make decisions based on your previous work over what your website states. Try to capture the curves and colours of a garden or lawn youre proud of, you can even include your employees on the job.  

The design of your portfolio must be unique and concise. Make it memorable, make a good impression and try to keep your customers looking through your portfolio long enough to want to click your call-to-action (requesting a consultation, picking up the phone, etc.).  

It is worth the investment of staging the property and having a professional photographer to take amazing photos of your work. This investment goes a long way, you can not only use this for your portfolio, but you can use this for social media as well. Your pictures will make your company shine, don’t miss out on this opportunity.  

3) Social Media 

Social media is important no matter the size of youcompany or the industry you are in. It is one of the most effective mediums in your marketing strategy, are you using it effectively?  

Generate brand awareness for your landscaping business through social media. Make your page look stunning with all the amazing work your crew does. Post relevant content across social media, creating a wide audience of potential customers.  

Facebook is a great resource to connect to past, current, and future clients. Create a Facebook page, put promotional videos up, beautiful pictures, customer testimonials and most importantly connect with your followers.  

Instagram is another great resource to showcase your amazing work to past, current, and future clients. Create a business profile on Instagram, an enticing bio and post your professionally taken photos. Creating an Instagram helps build credibility in your work and is also a great platform to answer customer questions and concerns.  

Connecting your past, current, and future clients, and showing them your work, instills trust, builds credibility and ultimately makes your business look great. 

4) Market Before the Busy Season 

For landscapers, the busy season starts in early spring and goes until late fall depending on location. Don't wait for your busy season to start marketing, prepare in advance. Start in January and February. Have content prepared to go out on social media, your blog, and newsletters. When it is the odd mild day in February, have those stunning landscape pictures ready to go out to generate conversation and spark interest. When it’s cold out your customers arlonging for spring and summer, show them what they could have when the weather gets warmers and have them book with you.  

Reach out to customers more often, you can do this through social media, especially your Facebook page. Put out great visuals of your work, entice people to start conversations with you.  

Repetition is important. When it comes to winning the landscaping game, hit each prospect at least three times. Build your credibility, show the beauty in your business.  

Those who market early, get the win. 

5) Start a Blog 

Blogging is an imperative part of marketing. Creating a blog simply brings in customers looking for information. It also makes your website searchable on Google and other search engines.

At first, your reader may not be ready to invest in landscaping today, but when they do later, they will remember you and your base of knowledge and expertise. 

Offer content people want to read. They will start to share your content and, you get to reach multiple potential customers at once. This also drives people to your website.  

Your passion will shine through your blogs. You are the expert; share the content you know will impress and watch your leads soar.  

With just these five short tips, you can make your business look as beautiful as your client’s yard 

If you are in the landscaping business and like the sound of making your business look wonderful but don’t have the bandwidth for it, reach out to us at [email protected] and we can make your business shine.  

Watch our tip video here.

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