Running A Successful Ecommerce Business Online: A Case Study

Businesses Moving to an Online Store: How to Be Successful 


Does Your Business have a unique operating system? Do you think transitioning to ecommerce would be too challenging? It’s understandable to think that your business cannot operate on an ecommerce site. In fact, many business owners have this doubt. You work with a complex shipping system or a unique product base, how could you replicate that with complete online shopping? Your current business model has worked well for years so why change it? 

Staying comfortable within your business operations is where growth slows down. You don’t want your business to stay stagnant. You want to go from a small, local business to a company that can offer more products to more people.  

Now, how does that sound? Growth is something that you never stop working towards, streamline this process with an ecommerce site. 

Unique Delivery Systems 

Let’s look at the example of a landscape supplier. Your days are packed with orders and planning those orders to ensure proper delivery. There could be a variety of ways the product can be delivered, different zones to deliver to, splitting loads of different products and utilizing the delivery trucks most efficiently.   

Landscape suppliers are not the only ones who have this type of unique operating system.  

Companies that sell and deliver heavy/bulky items such as: hot tubs, patio furniture, pool tables, and so on all deal with some type of unique delivery and operating system.  

Figuring out how and when to deliver efficiently is key while also having the right type of delivery mode. You may think to yourself, “it seems easier to operate without ecommerce when it comes to this type of operating system”. Fortunately, it’s easy to function on an ecommerce site as well! 

Selling Unique Products Online 

With ecommerce there are a variety of features to help your online business run the same as your retail store. For example, you can have a login feature for contractors to view contractor pricing.   

Shipping rates can be calculated by postal code and price adjustments can be made depending on the quantity of product or for multiple product categories.  

Your ecommerce store can be linked to your store inventory, and so much more.   

Your online store can be customized in almost any way to make your online business run as smoothly and efficiently as you’ve created your retail process.   

Selling your product online opens many opportunities for your business. Not only can you have your process automated, but you can reach more people quickly.   

A Case Study Video: How eCommerce Can Lead to More Sales


Ecommerce opens the door to many opportunities. It is one way that your business can see a lot of growth in a short period of time. Grow your business online.  

You know that your business process is complex and specific but it’s not impossible to replicate your process onto an eCommerce site. If this is something you want to learn more about, please email us at [email protected] and we can talk you through this amazing shift.