How eCommerce Web Development Improves your Business

ecommerceIf you’re looking for a way to increase sales by making transactions with your customers and clients easier and quicker, then eCommerce is a great option for your business.

eCommerce is a business or commercial transaction that occurs electronically over the Internet. Your website acts as the place where your product or service is sold. Customers can visit your website, browse your products and make a purchase completely online. It’s no secret that enterprise level eCommerce solutions can dramatically increase revenue and profits.

Advantages of eCommerce:

  • Overcome geographical limitations
    Customers can shop from all over the world and your business is open 24/7.
  • Increase in sales
    Revenue can increase by up to 250% with an eCommerce platform.
  • Increase in customers
    The convenience of eCommerce invites more customers and impulse buyers.
  • Instant processing of transactions
    Takes away the hassle of other modes of payment and merchants receive funds immediately

In order for eCommerce to be successful it must include these elements

  • A product
  • A way to get people to come to your website
  • A way to accept orders
  • The means to receive money
  • A fulfillment facility to ship products to customers
  • A process for returned product
  • A plan to handle warranty claims
  • A method to provide customer service (i.e. FAQ’s, email, online forms)

If the product your business is selling is software or information, a fulfillment facility may not be necessary, as these transactions can also occur online through downloads.

How Web ROI Powered by WSI Milton Can Improve Your eCommerce:

Not only can Web ROI Powered by WSI Milton assist you in facilitating eCommerce on your website, we can increase your sale potential by using our Search Engine Optimization and Conversion services to attract new customers by:

  • Improving your search engine ranking
  • Marketing and advertising that will bring customers to your site
  • Creating a website that clearly displays products and services with easy navigation for an enjoyable shopping experience
  • Creating a responsive design so customers can make transactions anywhere at anytime on multiple platforms

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