Retail Digital Marketing Checklist for Your Multi-Location Store

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Consumers are becoming increasingly internet-dependent in their shopping habits, whether that entails online purchasing, researching products, or finding businesses that suit their needs. As online consumerism expands and becomes more complex, so too does digital marketing. Knowing this, how can your retail business stay on top of digital marketing trends and remain ahead of the competition? 

We’ve compiled a checklist of must-know digital marketing tips specific to the multi-location retailer. Maybe you’ve got a handful of locations in Kitchener-Waterloo or an abundance of shops all around the Greater Toronto Area. Whatever your particular situation, here are some digital marketing strategies to help those multi-location businesses in the Canadian retail sector speed forward on the track to success! 

1. Manage your Google Business Profile 

Your Google Business Profile is an invaluable tool to help business owners to rank in local search results on the powerhouse search engine. When your retail business boasts multiple store locations, listing each of these individual stores on Google will allow you to reach local searchers in each of those respective cities! 

You can add additional stores to your GBP account through the “Add Businesses” drop-down menu on your dashboard – here are easy-to-follow instructions. This simple step allows you to reach significantly more prospective clients, and in doing so, you significantly accelerate the success of your retail business! 

2. Account for “open now” searches 

Smartphones are abundant, powerful, and in everybody’s pocket. This constant access to online information has impacted digital marketing strategy, and one big factor for retailers to consider is the ability for consumers to search for shops in real-time as needed. 

Before this constant connection, it was common for users to search for business’ store hours to plan their day and organize their errands. Now consumers have shifted to a more immediate way of shopping, with less future planning and more spontaneous research taking place through smartphones. With this has come a significant increase in searches, including the term “open now.” 

Let’s say you own a pool and spa store – you want to be sure that your business shows up in search results when a prospective customer searches the term “pool store open now” in your area. Make sure that your store hours are correct and updated on all platforms so that you avoid confusing consumers and Google alike. Pay special attention to updating your store hours during holidays and long weekends, as “open now” searches increase significantly during these times. 

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3. Keep Facebook pages active 

Facebook has evolved since its humble beginnings, and with this evolution comes many additional features that savvy business owners can use to their advantage. For multi-location retailers, this is especially significant. 

Facebook business pages now include geographical information, business details, multi-location management, and advertising integrations, not to mention detailed metrics and insights, user ratings and reviews, and website links. All of these features make your Facebook page a true hub for users to find all that they need to know about your store – so keeping it active and updated is a must if you’re looking to speed past the competition. 

Ensure that all of your business details are accurate, of course, but you should also be utilizing the social aspects of your Facebook page if you want to get the most mileage out of your Facebook presence. Routinely post relevant content to engage your existing audience and to ensure new viewers that your business is alive and thriving, too! 

4. Look ahead to voice-operated trends 

Just as the increase in smartphones has led to more “open now” searches, the increasing trend of voice searching is impacting digital marketing strategy. Searches done through voice rather than text tend to feature the following characteristics: 

  • Greater in length than typed searches 
  • Often in the form of a question 
  • Conversational in tone, using slang 

Prepared retailers should consider these factors when creating their content to get ahead of this trend and ensure that their online presence is prepared for the changes it will produce. Looking ahead will help you avoid unnecessary roadblocks, so keep an eye scanning in the distance as you cruise forward toward success!  

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