PPC FAQs: 5 Common PPC Questions Answered

Updated on: 11-11-2021 by WEB-ROI

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No matter the industry and your business’s direction, digital marketing is a key component to your company’s success. Whether you’re a home improvement company based in Mississauga, a retailer out of Burlington, or a landscaping company with operations that span across Canada, there’s one thing you can be sure of: strategic pay-per-click advertising can propel your business into the next league.  

As important as PPC ads can be, that doesn’t mean that they’re simple to navigate. Here are five of the most common PPC advertising questions and the answers you need to accelerate your business! 

1. What’s the difference between paid search and organic search? 

Unsurprisingly, the difference is cost. But what does that mean for you as a business? 

Organic search allows companies to use SEO to optimize their rankings in search results. Paid search, however, allows companies to pay for a prominent, desired spot in search results. Each has its pros and cons, but for any company looking to get off the starting line or kick it up a gear, paid search is likely to help you reach your goals rather than relying on organic search alone.  

2. I see my competition when I search for my own business. Why? 

If you’re searching for your business on Google and seeing your competitor’s listings, this is both good and bad. On the one hand, it means that your competitor has realized that you pose a threat, and so they’re trying to poach your prospects – you’re making waves and should be happy about that! 

On the other hand, it means that you have other businesses trying to swoop in on your territory – as flattering as that is, it also poses new challenges for you. Directing PPC ad campaigns targeted toward prospective clients for your competitors could be a cost-effective way of reaching more potential customers, and it could give your business the boost it needs in the race to success! While you can’t stop your competitors from advertising in this way, you do have the option to follow suit. 

3. Should I use PPC ads on Bing? 

While Google is undoubtedly the most common search engine, it’s not the only one. Beginning your PPC campaigns with Google is a great way to get started, and if you find yourself achieving success, it might be worthwhile to consider branching out to Bing as well. 

Since Bing is a less common search engine, your advertisements will receive less traffic and yield fewer prospects. However, the traffic gained through Bing tends to be the most cost-effective. If you’ve launched a successful PPC campaign on Google and you’re looking to expand your reach, incorporating Bing as well might help you to leave your competitors in the rearview mirror. 

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4. Why is the cost of my PPC increasing? 

There are a couple of potential answers to this dilemma, but the most likely is that it comes down to your competitors’ marketing campaigns. Just as your business is optimizing keywords and developing PPC strategies, so too is your competition. Suppose the companies vying for your prospects become more aggressive with their keyword usage and advertising campaigns. In that case, it could result in a significantly higher cost-per-click for you and your business.  

5. Why aren’t my ads on top? 

Put simply; your ad rank is too low. You have the option of increasing your keyword bids until your ad shows at the top of the page, though this can be costly and is only a short-term solution. If your quality scores are low, you’re better off in the long run if you invest the time to perform ad copy testing and improve your click-through rate.  

Also, consider whether a top ad position is crucial to keeping your business on track to success. A top ad for the sake of having a top ad is not a savvy business decision – and your PPC campaign, as with any ad campaign, should prioritize cost-effectiveness first and foremost.  

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