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How to Find Awesome SEO Services in Canada

4 Critical Thoughts about Hiring an SEO Service Provider


Critical Thoughts about Hiring an SEO Service Provider

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Many business owners think that driving more traffic to their website is all they need to achieve their ultimate goal of generating more leads and sales opportunities that will increase their revenue and bottom line.

This makes logical sense, however most businesses experience a less than positive effect if their only consideration is increasing their website traffic.  SEO services in Canada are a means to an end when your objective is to make more money, but there are 4 more important items to consider to ensure that the SEO service you decide to hire can actually help you achieve your goals.

1: What keywords are they recommending and why?

 Keyword research the most important part Search Engine Optimization.  Choosing the correct keywords to focus on in your SEO strategy will determine whether or not you succeed or fail.

The most common SEO misconception that I hear is business owners asking, "how can I get to number one for [keyword]+[City name]?"  In other words, "I want to be #1 on Google for "Windows Oakville"  or "Topsoil Toronto"!"

Proper SEO keyword research tells us how often people actually search each month for a particular keyword phrase and generally it is very uncommon for people to include city names in their search at all.  Most people believe that Google knows where they are searching from and will serve local information anyway.  And if fact this is true!

You do what to include city names in your content so that you are found when people do include city names but it is much more important to optimize for the long tail phrase (2,3,4 or more words) that do not include the city name.

2:  Are they targeting your buyer personas?

There are probably lots of keywords that will drive traffic to your website, but who are the individuals that it will bring?  In other words, will these keywords invite the ideal type of prospect that you would like to sell to?

Most businesses can break their ideal customers down into 2 or 3 different "types" or personas.  By creating buyer personas you are able to carefully direct your SEO content toward the interests, desires, and needs of those specific individuals as opposed to being over general and leaving the doors open to any random browser that might want to drop by and check things out.

And when you know exactly who your site is targeting and who is visiting, you know exactly what you must give them for optimal lead generation.

3: Are they focused on traffic or conversion?

Traffic to your website is good.  The right kind of traffic to your website is better.  But even with these things you still have not hit the mark if your real goal is to get more leads and customers and ultimately make more money!

To achieve your real business goals and objectives you need conversion. Conversion is the measure of visitors who take a desired action on your website!  

Depending on where visitors are in their shopping/buying process there are various "calls to action" that you could include in your website design and content to generate more leads.

Make sure the SEO company you are considering to hire understands conversion architecture and how to get the highest percentage of visitors to your SEO pages to convert into leads.

4: How do they measure success?

Let's pretend that they have a great SEO strategy for attracting the best quantity and quality of visitors to your website and they have included all the best calls to action, landing page strategies and conversion techniques to create all the leads you need.  Then what?

The best SEO strategy does not really have an end point.  You need to use proper web analytics and measurement tools to track the ROI and continuously find ways to make improvements.  Google Analytics has many very advanced  tools that enable deep analysis and an understanding of exactly what is working well and what needs attention to improve the results.

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