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What is Adaptive SEO?

A term you may not have heard of that we use internally is adaptive SEO. It’s actually something that we’ve been doing for our SEO clients for quite some time.

My definition in layman’s terms:

Adaptive SEO is a strategy employed so that regardless of the endless cycle of changes Google and other search engines make, your web site and other online properties have the best chances of consistently showing up in relevant search results for the long term.

Let’s break that down.

1. Strategy

It is actually less of a strategy than it was before.

It should simply be based on putting together great content, information, some entertainment, things that your target audience will definitely find interesting. If you focus on that, being real, becoming known as the ‘go-to source’, then your search engine strategies are bullet proof – there is no way to fight that or bring you down.

2. Google Algorithm Changes

googleFirst of all, the search engine giant’s goal is to make sure they are providing the most
relevant information possible when someone is searching. Their business model is to make sure they are always the directory of choice, because the more people using them, the more desirable they are to advertisers (and the more expensive they can make the cost to advertise).

To ensure that they’re providing the most relevant results and not getting “gamed” by SEO companies, Google constantly changes their algorithm to determine which websites are most relevant. These small updates happen more than once a day, and a few times a year there is a major shakeup

You just need to search for Google Panda or Google Penguin to learn about the latest shakeouts in the search result world

3. Website and Other Online Properties

In real estate it’s “location, location, location”. Online it is similar, you want as much real estate, as many locations, as possible.

Your website, a location on the Google map, a paid ad, your Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, Pinterest, Google + etc.

wsi real estate

4. Long-Term Solutions

One of Google’s updates has been called “Freshness” – they give an extra push to information that is new- you can write a blog post and have it on the first page of Google in minutes

But then, in a few days, it’s gone.

In order to show up long term your relevant content needs to prove its worthiness. How? Other people need to share it and talk about it-enter social media playing a bigger and bigger part of the search engine results!


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What Does this Mean for Business Owners?

If you’re looking for long-term search engine success, adaptive SEO is the only way to get it.

Need more convincing? Check back next week for a post detailing why businesses should invest in [adaptive] SEO services. Or find out more about SEO and its most commonly asked questions. You can also download your FREE copy of Social Media Tips to Drive Your Business Forward.

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