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More Google Changes = More Need For Adaptive SEO

This week Search Engine Land announced that Google is going to encrypt all of their search terms.

This is a big change in our world – but what does it mean for you the business owner?

Back a few years ago we were able to look at Google Analytics and see all of the information about how people found your website:

–        Which search engine were they on?

–        Did they click on an ad or an organic search result?

–        What word did they type into the search engine?

–        Which page did they enter the website?

–        How long were they there?

–        and much more

A lot of lessons were learned to ultimately figure out – which words were people typing into the search engine that resulted in you getting more customers?

We used this data to determine which words to target throughout your website's content to get you the best possible results. Targeting  a keyword term properly usually means focusing on a single term per page, so you can see that it is critical to select the perfect term for each page that will ultimately result in maximizing the number of leads your website gets you.

Now Google is Making it Harder to Do This

Over the last number of months, Google has encrypted a lot of this information, as you can see from this quick snapshot of information. (not provided) accounts for 72% of the people finding the website from an SEO ranking on Google. This happens when someone is logged into their Google account while surfing.


Do you login to your Google account to search?

No! Of course not!

But if you were logged in for AdWords, Analytics, YouTube, Google+, Google Places, gmail, or any other Google product, you were likely still logged in when you went searching.

The forecast is that all of Google’s search data will now be through ‘secure searches’ and all (not provided) as seen in the above chart.

What does this mean for you, the business owner?

  1. It’s more difficult for us and you to know which words are providing you with leads from people finding you on Google through organic rankings (SEO).
  2.  There is still data from the paid ads campaigns on Google and other search engines (Google is forcing you yet again to pay them for clicks)
  3. There is data from Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines

I still want to show up on the 1st page of Google? How do I do that?

Google is forcing companies more and more to make sure they are running a paid advertising campaign.

Without having to drastically increase the money you spend in PPC clicks, a great adaptive SEO program is the answer to continuing search engine success! Check out this blog to learn more about how you can sustain great Google rankings despite the changes they are making.

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