5 Ways to Turn Your Customers' Questions into the Best Content Ideas

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Wondering how to come up with content ideas? The best content is content that your customers find truly valuable. And who better than your customers to show you what they would find genuinely useful? Of course, customers don't often tell you they want to read a blog about a certain topic, but the questions they ask about your products or services can reveal what they are interested in. You can collect those frequently asked questions and use them to steer your content strategy towards success. Here's how: 

1. Start by Asking and Recording 

You may be familiar with the most common, high-traffic questions that your customers ask. However, rarely asked questions can also be gems. By asking for more feedback from your customers you'll find yourself with more questions to turn into great content.  

Ask your customers for their questions through social media, email, or in-person. Record all of their answers so that you can review them and then group them by topic or themes. 

2. Grouping Questions Around a Theme

Some smaller questions just don’t add up to substantial or useful content on their own. Grouping questions together can help you see a bigger theme or subject that you might otherwise miss; you can ignore a single car, but it’s harder to ignore an entire convoy. For example, maybe customers have questions about the different ingredients in your soil. Instead of answering the question, “why do you include compost in your soil,” and “why don’t you bring back the garden soil mix I love,” you can answer a deeper question about the composition of soil. This might lead to topics like, “Making Sustainable Gardening Choices,” or “How to Set the Stage for a Low-Weed Garden.” Sorting questions by themes can lead to all kinds of bigger topics for more useful content, which accelerates your content strategy to give your customers a smooth ride through your website, free of unwanted obstacles or detours. 

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3. Generate Overall Topic Ideas 

Sometimes the major questions that your customers ask point to larger topics that are simple to turn into blog posts or other types of content like videos or podcasts. Obvious examples include: 

  • How do I use your product? 
  • How do I make the most of a specific feature? 
  • What should I do when I encounter a problem? 

Answer these questions and you'll find yourself with useful content that's also highly searchable and drives more traffic to your website. 

4. Refine the Question with Keyword Research 

Do you have some questions that seem to come out of nowhere, leaving you feeling like a deer in the headlights? Some questions may seem too broad or “off” to turn into a specific piece of content. Try changing lanes to focus on keyword research instead, which can help you refine and expand questions to produce better content.  

Here's an example of combining content ideas for SEO purposes. Let's say you own a storage company, and someone has asked you “Can I store propane containers for my BBQ in your storage unit?” Keyword research helps you understand that people are searching for information about the rising cost of gas and propane. It makes sense that they may want to buy extra propane now, while the cost is low to store it so they have some available for their BBQs later in the summer. You can then build content that discusses what types of material you can and cannot store in a storage unit, how to store certain items safely, or you could develop content that suggests storage as a way to save money in the long-term by buying low and stockpiling goods that can be used or sold at a later date

5. Adding Answers to Existing Content  

Imagine you are a painting company, and you have a large evergreen piece of content on how to reface and repaint kitchen cupboards. You get a lot of questions about edging and how to paint the edges of bevelled surfaces smoothly. This is a small topic that wouldn’t stand up on its own, but which you can add to your existing content about kitchen cupboards to improve the original piece.  

As you can see, you can use smaller topics to accessorize and improve upon the strong base of content you’ve already established. This update will also have SEO value because Google tends to reward updated content.  

WEB ROI can help you generate better content ideas and stronger content, too. Reach out to us today to discuss your content goals and together we can embark on the road to success! 

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