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Website Success Story Dependent on Reinvesting Yellow Pages Dollars into Your Website

Over the past month we have been discussing a number of website success stories through our various blog series.  Does your business want to experience the same success as the small businesses we have been discussing?

Yellow Pages1If so, then you need to stop wasting money on Yellow Pages advertising and instead reinvest those dollars into your website, which will produce a much better return on investment.

A number of our clients have admitted that they spend approximately $50,000 per year on the Yellow Pages when they know it doesn’t work.

This is crazy right? Perhaps, but sometimes when you don’t know any alternatives you keep trying your old methods even though they haven’t worked for you in the past.

With a tracking number in place one of our clients confirmed that through Yellow Pages they received 96 calls in 8 months. This statistic is quite sad when you compare it to the fact that one of our clients generated more than 1800 calls in one month through their website phone number.

Stop spinning your wheels and get on board with a method that is proven to produce results, like internet marketing.  With a fraction of the cost of what you may be spending on yellow pages you can create better results online by using techniques like:

  • Website design
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • PPC (pay per click)

Become our next website success story! Contact WSI Milton to learn more about how internet marketing can help you increase profits and maximize your return on investment.

We offer complimentary business consultations and a free monthly seminar where we provide valuable information about the latest trends in internet marketing and reveal the techniques you need to increase revenue and generate more leads.


The Prize is a High-Traffic Website That Generates Quality Leads

With a high-traffic website designed to convert quality leads into paying customers you can shift your focus to other areas of your business (or reclaim some much-needed personal time).

Stop running in circles. Choose digital marketing services that are guaranteed to get you results. With an award-winning website design company like WEB ROI at your side, it won't take long to achieve your goals.

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