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SEO Through Different Types of Media: The MUM Update

SEO Through Different Types of Media: The MUM Update

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices are continuously evolving, and the introduction of last year's Google MUM algorithm has brought some significant changes to the game. Here's everything you need to know about the update and how to develop an SEO strategy that will benefit your business. 

The Google MUM Update 

MUM is short for Multitask Unified Model. It is designed to add a level of sophistication to the algorithm so that Google search can more accurately and comprehensively respond to complex tasks and questions.  

In Google's introduction to the MUM update, they describe it as one –thousand times more powerful than BERT. The update increases cross-language capabilities so that users searching for information are no longer limited to content written in their search language. The MUM update is also multimodal, meaning that it understands information across languages and forms of media as well. While SEO has historically been a heavily text-based strategy, this update brings images, audio, and video into the playing field. 

A Step Toward More Comprehensive Search Results 

The MUM update, at its core, is the result of Google wanting to provide a more complete, comprehensive search result for users. It wants to understand the nuances of a user's search and not just take it at face value. It works to anticipate the user's needs and offer search results that consider the full scope of the information they're seeking instead of limiting results to exactly what was written. 

A user likely would have had to make numerous distinct searches to gain all of the information they sought in the past. Consider an example. Let's say you're planning a vacation to Guatemala, and you want to know what differences to expect compared to your trip to Spain several years ago. For example, you might search: 

  • Is Guatemala hotter than Spain? 
  • Cost of vacation in Guatemala vs. Spain 
  • Guatemalan accent and slang compared to Spain 
  • What to pack for a trip to Guatemala? 
  • Safety precautions for traveling South America vs. Europe 
  • Social customs Guatemala vs. Spain 

The MUM update is designed to provide users with this more complete, all-encompassing information by anticipating their needs and understanding the nuances of their search. Rather than conducting many specific searches to discover the answer to each question, Google is working towards providing a complete picture with relevant results - in various media – all at once. 

Developing Different Types of Content for SEO 

Just as before, creating valuable content and building authority for your website are some of the foundational aspects of a strong SEO strategy. The only difference is that now, that can be done by creating various types of media. 

Written Content 

Don't be mistaken – the introduction of the MUM update does not mean that text is a thing of the past. Keep doing keyword research and producing engaging and relevant content for your readers. These SEO fundamentals are important factors in building credibility for your website and increasing your likelihood of ranking well in search results.  

When creating content, think about your prospective clients and their pain points. Think about the questions they might be asking and try to be the industry expert to answer those queries. 


The visual search element of the MUM update works to increase the presence of images in normal search results, especially for queries that intuitively elicit images as a result – for instance, "prettiest hiking trails in Guatemala."  

Adapt your SEO strategy to this update by prioritizing images within your content and labeling them accordingly. Don't shy away from using visual media to help get your point across, and make sure that your alt text is optimized for both accessibility and SEO purposes.  

Video Content 

Creating videos for your client base and prospects is a valuable marketing tool. It allows you to create dynamic and engaging content that introduces your audience to your brand personality and showcases creativity while demonstrating what you have to offer and building trust with your audience. Video content is on the upswing, and this Google update only catalyzes that shift. 

We've gone over all of the fundamentals of video marketing to help you navigate this side of digital marketing and SEO strategy.  

Shift Your SEO Perspective  

This update just means that you should begin to think a little outside the box with your company's SEO strategy. Consider the broader needs of your client base and try to supply that information. Also, consider delivering your content through a wider variety of media.  

Contact the experts at WEB ROI for more guidance on SEO strategy or information on Google's MUM update and all that it entails. We're here to perfect your digital marketing strategy and help you to propel your business forward.  


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