Jason’s Tips: The Value of Content Marketing

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What is the most valuable thing you can do to attract the right audience to your website and convert them into opportunities, leads and sales?


Google sees 5.6 Billion searches a day, or 63,000 per second. The results that are shown on Google Search Results Page, are generated from the content on websites. Google has to decide which pieces of content are the most relevant for a specific search query and then it displays them in order of relevance.

So the simplest and most valuable way to grow your traffic, get more leads and sales and grow your bottom line profit, is to create more content that provides value to the audience you are trying to attract. That is called content marketing.

Content marketing is done in the form of blogs, video, infographics, white papers and more.

So if you want to drive your business to the next level, you should be implementing a content marketing program. Most businesses we meet, struggle to find the time and focus to generate the content they need to keep things going and growing. So for our clients, we do the content marketing for them. Our team will help you form a content strategy, including topics and a calendar for content creation and publication. Our writers will research and write on the topic which is then presented to you for approval.

The results of content marketing can be staggering. For example:

This client manufactures adhesives (glues) for various industrial applications. They have seen over 20,000 visits to their website so far this year, with 84% of that traffic from organic search (SEO). That is over 15,400 organic visits. And the home page is not even in the top 5 landing pages for this traffic. Almost all of the traffic came from blogs. You can see in the graph below that 6% of that organic traffic came from “other” landing pages, meaning there are many, many pages of content that are attracting these visits

If you do not have an effective content marketing strategy in place, you are probably missing out on a lot.



I hope this is a helpful tip. If you’d like to have a quick intro call to see if we can help you with your online marketing needs, here’s a link to my calendar to schedule a 15 min call.

Have a great week!