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Is Jason Gervais Still the Smartest Guy in Canada? Google Thinks So!

A year and a half later and the question still remains – is Jason Gervais the smartest guy in Canada? It is surprising to some (but not to Jason) that he still is, at least according to Google!

The Smartest Guy In Canada

On July 8th, 2009 Jason had a smart idea.  He wanted to be ranked by Google as the smartest guy in Canada.  Not only would this mission be a test of his search engine optimization skills, he was putting his reputation as Milton’s top internet guru on the line. It was a risk, but it paid off.

He blogged about being the smartest guy in Canada and used the right key words in the right places as he crafted his humble blog post.  24 hours later he was ranked as #4 for the keyword search “smartest guy in Canada”.

36 hours after the blog was published he had climbed to the #2 spot.  And in 48 hours he achieved the sweet taste of victory as he earned the #1 spot and top search engine placement as the smartest guy in Canada.

Well a year and a half has passed and Google is still convinced Jason is the smartest guy in Canada.  In fact, Jason ranks in the top 5 spots for the term, as you can see in the image above.

Whether or not you believe Jason is the smartest guy in Canada there is no doubting that he is the right guy to help your business achieve top search engine placement.

Not only does Jason’s team at WSI offer guaranteed SEO results they also provide quality web design, conversion architecture and PPC campaigns.

For more information on the internet marketing and web design services offered by WSI contact us for a complimentary business consultation.

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