HVAC Marketing Strategies to Blow the Competition Away

HVAC Marketing Strategies to Blow the Competition Away 

Which digital marketing strategies are best for your HVAC company? Find out below as we highlight the top 5 best digital marketing strategies that will help your HVAC company blow the competition away.  

Make Your HVAC Website Mobile-Friendly 

In order to attract all your customers, it is imperative to make your website mobile-friendly. Many people research on the go and use their tablet or phone to research HVAC companies.  

Today’s customers stay connected with companies through their mobile devices. This is how they read your blog posts, see your ads, and engage with your marketing efforts on social media.  

When emergency cases come up, for example, a homeowner’s furnace or AC suddenly isn’t working, the first thing they do is grab their phone to do a quick search for a company and phone number. If your website is not mobile-friendly, when these emergencies come up, you will lose out on their business. Make it simple to get the important information they need to make that quick call in an emergency situation. 

Utilize a mobile-friendly site to put your testimonials right front and centre. Being where your customers are is extremely important. Get on their level and target them accordingly. Offer them important information so that they can make snap decisions and call you right away.  

Use PPC Advertising 

Pay-per-click or PPC Ads are a great way to advertise your HVAC company, especially if you are wanting to stick to a set budget.  

You can run PPC ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram and many other platforms. Find out where your customers hang out and target them accordingly.    

PPC is an in-depth digital marketing strategy that requires time, budgeting and effort, but once executed it is very effective and has a high return on investment.  

Your PPC Ads will generate great data for you to use and learn from. 

 Use a Google My Business Page 

Google My Business is a very effective platform for many industries. Take the time to set up a quality business profile and start attracting new customers today.  

If your HVAC company operates multiple businesses, you can set up a profile for each one by adding different locations and phone numbers for each.  

With a well-optimized website, great Google reviews and a Google My Business Page, your HVAC company can gain more leads by showing up on page 1 of Google searches. 

Google My Business allows you to share announcements, updates and information such as business hours, COVID-19 protocols and special deals.  If you are using PPC Advertising as well, this is a great way to target your audience and share with them important information.  

Drive Your Audience to Action Through Meaningful Calls To Action

One of the most effective ways to gain leads is through meaningful Calls to Action (CTAs)There are many ways to effectively use CTAs.

If you are utilizing PPC Ads, your CTAs must be captivating and informational. The goal here is to drive people to share their information with you so that you can build up your lead list to either start cold calling or sending out promotional emails.  

There are two types of CTAs, transitional and Direct 

Utilize your transitional CTAs, this is where you share information with your clients, something that there are interested in and willing to share their information to get. You could share a guide, infographic, whitepaper etc. If a customer is attracted to your transitional CTA, then when you cold call or send promotional emails to them, they have you in their mind as authoritative and will remember you.  

Utilize Videos and Blogs 

Build authority by sharing important information that your customers want to know.  

Use keyword research and regularly update your website with meaningful information.  

Frequently posting blogs and videos about your company helps to build authority with your target audience, improves your search engine rankings, and increases organic traffic for your brand. This is HVAC marketing at its finest! Answer your customer’s most burning questions, place transitional CTAs within your blog and watch your list of potential leads grow.  

Use videos to target high ranking keywords in your market such as “Fix AC leak” or “Furnace blower repair” and offer helpful tips and tricks. Make sure your content is authentic and true to your brand while keeping the customer in mind.  


With the HVAC industry growing, it is important to establish your brand voice and utilize your expertise to gain leads.  

Use these five simple marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd and blow your competition away.  

If you see the importance in these strategies but find that you don’t have the time for it, at WEB ROI we specialize in creating digital marketing strategies for HVAC companies, to help you stand out from the crowd.  

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