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Gain More Customers by Improving Your Landing Pages

Your business can gain more customers through your website by simply improving your landing pages. A landing page is where visitors land after they manually type a specific advertised address into their address bar or click on a(n):

  • Email link
  • Search engine result
  • Banner ad
  • Pay per click ad

If visitors to your landing page don’t like what they see they will simply leave before interacting with your site.  This means that all the money you have spent to try to drive traffic to your website will be lost. Gain more Customers by Improving Landing Pages

It’s not efficient or cost effective to continue to throw money into increasing traffic while ignoring your conversion rate – which is an indicator of how well your landing pages are designed.

Even a small increase in conversion rates can result in a significant number of more customers without requiring you to boost or increase the traffic to your website.  Take the numbers from this sample website:

Visitors          Conversion Rate      Customers

12 000                    1%                                   120

12 000                    3%                                   360

As you can see, a small increase in your website’s conversion rates can result in a significant increase in customers.  However, it is important to understand that website traffic is still important.

If you are not driving traffic to your website, it won’t matter how good your landing pages are, they will not help improve your conversion rates.  Once you have visitors you can then gage how they are reacting to your landing pages and make adjustments accordingly.

In order to evaluate the quality of your landing pages you need to gather information through a web analytics report and then test the landing page results.  The problem is that most businesses do not have the mechanisms to capture this data or know how to interpret this data properly.

A professional web development or internet marketing company can help you to gather and make sense of the data about your landing pages, and then make appropriate suggestions for improvement.

WSI Milton has been using our internet marketing and web design expertise to help hundreds of businesses improve sales and leads.

Visit our portfolio and client testimonials page to see the positive impact we have made in our clients’ online presence.

For more information on how we can help improve your landing pages consider attending one of our free monthly seminars or contact us for a free consultation.


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