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Digital Marketing Tips for Cannabis Companies

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Digital marketing is an important yet nuanced part of any business. In the cannabis industry, however, there are even more restrictions and guidelines that must be adhered to, making marketing in Ontario a little more complex.  

That’s why we’ve compiled a series of tips to help you to accelerate your cannabis business in Canada and get your digital marketing strategy on the path to success. Buckle up and rev your engines; it’s time to kick your cannabis digital marketing strategy into the next gear! 

1. Understand Social Media Marketing  

Social media rules the modern world, making it a strong pillar in an online marketing strategy. Cannabis companies, however, need to be careful.  

As of right now, the guidelines put forward by social media powerhouse platforms like Facebook and Instagram are rather vague. Despite the lack of clarity, there are some measures you can take to get your company capitalizing on the potential of social media marketing. All while minimizing your chances of having your posts removed or your pages shut down by your social media platforms of choice.  


  • Avoid saying that a product is for sale, trade, or delivery 
  • Post educational, informative content, as well as advocacy content like statistics and legislative updates 
  • Avoid listing prices, asking people to buy a product, or encouraging users to contact your business about a product 
  • Post images of products, as long as you avoid implications that the product is for sale 
  • Don’t make medical claims or post anything that gives instructions for growing, selling, or using cannabis 
  • Monitor the platform’s updates to its guidelines and watch your page activity to ensure you’re always in line with current rules. 

Social media marketing is a great tool to help you connect with your clientele and build brand recognition for your cannabis company. Though it can be tricky to navigate with changing legislature and restrictions, harnessing the power of social marketing is sure to put your business on the right track to leave your competition in the dust! Contact our team at WEB ROI today to get started with marketing your Canadian cannabis company.

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2. Focus on your Content Marketing 

Content marketing is hugely important, acting as the foundation for your entire digital marketing strategy. Creating quality content for your potential customers to read and learn from helps create brand awareness and build trust with your target audience, leading to more web traffic and more success for your business. 

Blogging is a distinctive form of content marketing that yields a high return on investment. By creating blog posts filled with meaningful, informative, and engaging content to your readers, you build a rapport with your audience, and you come off as a cannabis company that’s trustworthy and approachable. Particularly in the cannabis industry, where certain customers may feel hesitant, having easily digestible and informative content on your website does wonders for making those reluctant visitors feel more comfortable with your brand. Consider outsourcing and invest in an external writer and designer (WEB ROI does both) to help you create a winning blog – your content marketing is only as successful as the content itself, after all.  

Thoughtful content marketing helps people find your brand when you promote posts through social media, email marketing, and paid ads. The additional content also creates more opportunities for Google to find your pages and display them in their search engine results, gaining traction for your cannabis business. 

3. Harness the Power of Email Marketing 

Marketing in the cannabis industry is tricky due to the restrictions surrounding the sale and use of marijuana. That’s why email marketing is so valuable – it provides you with a map directly to a highly targeted audience of consumers who are interested in exactly what you have to offer. 

First, you need a high-quality list of potential customers who will receive these emails. You can acquire this list through call-to-actions on your website, by signing up customers in-store, or any other CASL-compliant method you have at your disposal. 

Then, it’s a matter of the content. Just as with blogging, you have the option to either outsource your writing to professionals or tackle it yourself. Either way, ensure that your emails are friendly, informative, and written in a tone that’s on-brand for your cannabis business. 

Lastly, you’ll need the right email marketing tool. You could have the best content in the world, but you’re still spinning your wheels without getting anywhere if your emails aren’t landing in the inboxes of relevant consumers. Consider utilizing an email marketing tool built for the cannabis industry specifically, designed to satisfy the conditions of the industry and stay up to date with its frequent changes.  

The cannabis industry in Canada is ripe with opportunity, and it’s still growing immensely. Contact the experts at WEB ROI today to discuss your cannabis digital marketing strategy, and together we can embark upon the road to success! WEB ROI specializes in creating and executing strategic, custom digital marketing strategies, both within and outside the cannabis industry. 



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