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Denise’s Excellent Miami Adventure

Denise’s Excellent Miami Adventure

Last week, WSI Milton’s VP of Operations Denise Gervais was in beautiful Miami to speak and participate in WSI’s annual global conference.

She had a great time meeting fellow WSI members.

She also got turned into a baseball card.

And it seems that Denise is a bit of a WSI legend, as many people came up to her, enthusiastically saying “you’re the Denise Gervais?”

Plus, some serious networking, learning and award-winning was also taking place.

Here are some of the highlights of Denise’s Miami trip:

She learned a new word: “Nomophobia”

Nomophobia is the fear of being without mobile device, power source or service areaWhat’s nomophobia?

It’s an abbreviation which stands for No-Mobile-Phone-Phobia.

In other words, it’s the fear of not having access to your cellphone or being out of mobile phone contact.

And since more people are relying on the mobile phones as...

  • Their main telephone line (as opposed to having a dedicated landline)
  • Their main entertainment option (many people play games and watch videos on their smartphones to pass the time – even while at home)

...more people feel anxious or stressed when they don’t have, or can’t use, their mobile phones.

It’s a bit of a paradox, when you think about it:

Mobile phones are designed to connect people and information together. At the same time, people sometimes feel held hostage by their reliance on smartphones.

Speaking of mobile phones, she discovered that...

There are more active mobile phones than their are people on this planet:

  • Population of Earth: Approximately 7 billion people (give or take)
  • Active SIM (subscriber identification module) cards on Earth: 2 billion

Basically, every single person on the planet owns more than one working smartphone.

She learned you can actually measure the value of 5-star reviews

Each star in a 5-star review can represent a 9% increase in revenue

Every website which offers a product or service usually has a form of 5-star ratings, where users can rate their level of satisfaction with the client.

So here’s the question that companies and marketers have tried to answer (using a standard 5-star rating system):

  • It is possible to quantifiably measure the difference in value from, say an average 3-star rating to a 4-star rating to a 5-star rating?

Yes. Yes it is.

At the WSI Miami conference, Denise learned that, for each additional star, a company can expect a 9% increase in revenue.

Any company, of course, wants to get the highest rating possible.

It just looks good. Plus people rely on customer reviews when selecting a product or service to use.

Now, there’s a monetary benefit to having great star reviews too.

She brought home a bunch of awards for WSI Milton

We're #1 Our award for Best Mobile Solution

Denise and WSI Milton were presented with three prestigious awards at the WSI Miami conference:

  • #1 Office Award: There are over 1000 WSI offices worldwide. WSI Milton was recognized as the #1 performing office in Canada and the USA. That’s huge. And the team at WSI Milton thanks all of our great clients
  • Best Mobile Solution: The mobile version of the website we built for our client FirePower Kids was recognized for its design and usability on smartphones. Shout-out to Jay (copywriter), Viral (designer), Kate (project manager) and Marissa (account manager) for bringing it to life.
  • Outstanding Achievement in Web Development: WSI Milton was recognized by WebAwards 2015 for our efforts in building and launching the website for our client, The Gardener. Kudos again to Jay, Viral, Kate and Sandy (account manager).

Some of the cool stuff Denise brought backDenise brought back a bunch of stuff for the office

You can’t go to a conference without bringing back some swag.

And Denise made sure she stocked up on goodies for everyone at the WSI Milton office.

She’s going back next year and is bringing everyone from WSI Milton with her

Yeah, right.

We can't wait to apply what Denise learned for you

Even before Denise's trip, WSI Milton was delivering incredible results for our clients:

  • 20% year over year organic traffic growth
  • 7% conversion rates (the Internet average for conversion rates is ~2%)

And with these new insights, we're certain we can deliver even more for you.

Book your discovery meeting with WSI Milton today to learn how we'll apply the latest in digital marketing to help your website grow and thrive.


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