Best Practices for LinkedIn Company Pages

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As a professional, you may have heard that having a LinkedIn profile is important. But what about as a business?

As your trusted advisors in digital marketing, we are on a mission to educate small business owners that maintaining their LinkedIn Company Page, especially for businesses that are B2B, is beneficial to their company.

As part of this, we’ve created a detailed guide to best practices for LinkedIn Company Pages. By the end of this guide, you’ll have plenty of takeaways and actionable steps that you can take to ensure that LinkedIn becomes an extension of your business. Once you start using the platform correctly, you will begin to notice that it can truly help you drive traffic and obtain more qualified leads for your company.

Complete Your Page

Let’s begin this guide by creating a solid profile. This will not only showcase your company, but you can answer many of your leads’ questions without them needing to reach out to you directly. To build your profile, refer to this checklist to ensure that you’ve maximized the most important features:

  •  A branded cover image and logo to your business page. Your logo will act as your profile picture since there’s no one ‘person’ that is your brand (even if you’re a solo entrepreneur).
  • Be sure to fill out an overview of your company, using relevant terms and phrases that describe your company’s mission, purpose, and general activities. Of course, be sure to avoid jargon or difficult lingo that your target customers may not understand.
  • Add key organization info, such as your website URL, location, industry, and company size. For some of these options, LinkedIn will provide a dropdown list for you to choose from.
  • Be sure to have a call-to-action. The key with marketing is making your potential clients do as little as possible to connect with you, which is why a clear and compelling call-to-action is key on every digital touchpoint that you have with your customer - including LinkedIn!

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Posting on LinkedIn 

Of course, no guide to best practices for LinkedIn Company Pages is complete without a guide to active management and marketing tactics.

Once you’ve created a solid foundation from which you can market your business on LinkedIn, it’s time to come up with a marketing strategy and execute some tactics to begin to connect with your audience.

LinkedIn Publishing Best Practices:

  • When considering best practices for LinkedIn posts, try to include images with your post as often as possible, as these tend to grab the attention of readers more than simple text posts.
  • Include video as much as possible. According to LinkedIn, video posts get 5x more engagement on LinkedIn, and even better, Live Video content gets 24x more!
  • Use “@” mentions to engage more companies, create a community, and continue to provide legitimacy to your audience.
  • Reach new, relevant audiences with your content with the use of hashtags in your post. You don’t need to go crazy here, but a few hyper-relevant hashtags can help your post get in front of more potential customers.
    • Engage with other business’ and individual posts, this demonstrates that you are interested in others around you and genuinely want to engage with your customers outside of the sales funnel.

That’s it for our best practices guide for LinkedIn Company Pages! Ready to experience the power of LinkedIn Marketing? To watch our video on LinkedIn Best Practices follow the link here.

Expand Your Network

Your LinkedIn page should be an extension of your business’ website. Learning to use it to its full potential can help your business immensely. For more information contact us today.





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