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Jason's Tips: Get in the Know: Do you need Social Media to be Successful?

Get in the Know: Do you need Social Media to be Successful?

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Worried About Your Social Media?

Ask yourself...what do I need to make social media the most effective and efficient it can be? What do I not want to worry about throughout the day regarding my social media? Once you have asked yourself those key questions, you're ready to begin.  

Watch our tips video on how you can be successful in choosing a social media tool for your business here. 

The Basics: How to Choose the Best Tools for You and Your Business 

It’s not just about the best possible tool for your marketing strategy, it is also about the best possible tool for you or your employees to use. Each tool has its strength and weaknesses, play towards who will be taking on the Social Media Marketing task, target their strengths and find a tool that compliments them best for optimal success.  

So... how do you choose the best tools for you and your business? Well, there are a couple of things you need to consider: 

  1. What are you wanting to accomplish with your strategy? 
  2. Why are you looking for a tool to use? 
  3. What level of experience do you want your team to have with the chosen tool(s)? 

What are you wanting to accomplish with your strategy?

Define your goals! This is the most important part. Are you wanting to increase social brand awareness? Drive traffic to your site? Generate leads, or engage with your community?  

What results do you want from your set goals? Keep this in mind when looking for tools to use, will they meet your goals and desired results? 

Why are you looking for a tool to use?

It’s likely that you have not had a great experience with your current tools or workflow. That's okay, if you want the best tool for your team, identify the core issues you have faced. The goal here is to help you find the right tool that will eliminate those issues.  

What level of experience do you want your team to have with the chosen Tool(s)?

Your team is key here, they are the ones that are going to spend quite a lot of time using the product. You want your team to spend time making amazing content for your business rather than finick around with mundane tasks your platform can do for you.  

To learn more in-depth about the basics of choosing the correct social media marketing tool(s) for you and your business check out our Video here where our CEO Jason Gervais discusses how to effectively choose.  

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Important Social Media Marketing Tools 

Now that you know your basics, you are ready to choose the perfect Social Media Marketing Tool for your business.  

Here are the top Social Media Marketing Tools that drive success within small-medium sized businesses.  

These are key features to look for in a tool: 

  1. Will it free up time for my team to focus on engagement?  
  2. Does it streamline their workflow? 
  3. Will it meet our desired goals and results? 

Here are the best tools to drive success: 


HootSuite is known as one of the biggest social media management tools on the market with over 1.5 million people using the platform. This is an all in one platform that allows you to create and schedule content, measure your social ROI, run ads and so much more. Its design is extremely user friendly and HootSuite offers a variety of training so that you and your team can use the platform to its fullest potential.  

There are several things people love about this platform: being able to monitor multiple accounts and keywords, connect with over 35 social networks, and bulk schedule social posts so you can free up time for engagement! 


This social media marketing and management platform help businesses of all sizes manage their social accounts in the most efficient way possible. Engagement is key within this platform, helping you build meaningful relationships with your followers. Some of its top features include monitoring and responding to all your social conversations in one place and scheduling posts in advance.  

If you are looking for an all-around marketing management tool this is your best bet as it combines engagement and content creation most effectively.  


This is a great team collaboration tool that can help you and your team with creating content and publishing it. ContentCal allows you to create a visual content calendar right on the platform so no need to create that pesky excel document. Some of its key features include a visual content calendar, integrations with over 300 apps, approval workflows and detailed analytics!  

If you are looking to eliminate multiple documents for your content calendar, this program is your best friend! It also promotes team collaboration outside of team events which is important for any business.  


This tool is specifically made for visual marketers and businesses who use Instagram and Pinterest as their primary platforms. Through Tailwind, you can discover new content, schedule posts, monitor conversations and analyze your reach. Most schedulers lack the ability to post directly to Instagram and Pinterest so, if these are your main platforms then this tool is for you!  

Some of the top features of this platform include custom hashtag lists, measuring ROI and extremely affordable pricing. 

This platform offers you a SaaS-based platform for social media posting, engaging, measuring and community management. If you are looking for something that connects with your CRM this is the option for you! gives you a 360-degree view by allowing you to connect your CRM to it.  

Much like the ones above, you can create a content calendar, create paid and organic posts, and monitor all your channels and conversations.  

Social media is one of the main reasons why many businesses see rapid growth. Many businesses generate leads that are cheaper and close deals faster through social media. In fact, many people search for your social media profile before they visit your website. So, is social media integral to your business? The answer is yes. 

Does this process seem like a lot of time and effort? It is, but it is well worth it as 3.6 billion people are using social media worldwide. That’s a lot of customers in your target market you can reach through social media.   

If your team does not have the bandwidth to set out a social media strategy and pick the necessary tools to accompany it, you're in luck. At WEB ROI, we specialize in social media marketing, taking care of the whole process for you! Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about this opportunity.  

Choosing a Social Media Marketing Tool is a great start towards heading to a healthy and thriving Digital Marketing strategy. Learn how to know if your Digital Marketing is working here.  

So, which one will you choose? 

Do you use one of these tools already? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @WEBROIca 

You can also download our eBook on social media for more tips.

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