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8 Mind-Blowing Social Media Stats’s Eric Schurenberg recently published a fascinating article on how Facebook, social iconsTwitter, and the like are changing how the world does business. The post, titled “8 Social Media Numbers that Will Rock Your Business”, gives mind-blowing statistics about social media use.

Here are the highlights:

1. Today, in a world of 7 billion people, there are a whopping 3 billion Google searches every day.

Such a significant chunk of the world’s population is searching Google daily for solutions to their problems. Imagine how many daily queries across all search engines!

2. New video sharing sites Viddy and Social Cam attract 10 million new users per week thanks to Facebook’s exposure.

With society’s ever-growing attachment to smartphones and mobile devices, these two social sharing sites have integrated with Facebook, and provided an outlet for users to show the video clips that they’ve created that are not quite YouTube caliber.

3. The amount of online sharing doubles every 12-18 months.

This rapid multiplication of social activities seems almost unfeasible, yet existing platforms continue to grow, and new ones are launched continuously.

4. Each week, 1500 new users sign up for Payvment, a service that allows retailers to sell through Facebook.

This application has the potential to positively impact sales via recommendations. Consider the value of what Payvment could provide:  an influential Facebook user broadcasts a positive review of your product to their network, and impulse buyers don’t even have to exit their profile to make their purchase.

5. 28% of online ads are located on Facebook.

Not only is there a large quantity of advertisements on Facebook, but they are also extremely targeted. Ever notice that the ads that show up when you log into your profile are incredibly relevant to your interests and status updates? It’s not just coincidence.

6. Tyra Banks has 3.3 million twitter followers (3.3 million!!)

Why is this important? Her twitter influence was the key factor that allowed her to drive her blasé novel “Modelland” to #1 on Barnes and Noble.

7. Every 1 minute, 48 total hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.

The average video length is 4 minutes, so this means that over 700 YouTube users are in the process of uploading every minute on any given day.

8. There are 80 million people on the Facebook application Farmville, compared to only 1.3 million real farmers in the US.

People obviously love to participate in games through social media. All companies should try to capitalize on the opportunity to grab their audience’s attention by developing applications that are engaging.

What this means for businesses?

Your prospects and customers are online, publicly sharing loads of personal information. You need to be there to listen to them, to engage them in conversations, and to learn how to best market to them.

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