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5 Must-Listen-To Digital Marketing Podcasts According to Our Team

Must-Listen Digital Marketing Podcasts

To market your company online in a way that yields results, you need to know what’s what when it comes to digital marketing strategy. Ingesting content focused on the ins and outs of digital marketing is a must, and what better way is there to do that than by listening to digital marketing podcasts?

Here, we outline the best podcasts on digital marketing so that you can pop in your headphones and stay up to date anywhere, anytime.

1. Win the Race Online

Win the Race Online by WEB ROI is a comprehensive series of podcasts covering various digital marketing facets. These podcasts are designed to guide your business toward greater online success. With tips and insights on topics like adaptive SEO, B2B marketing strategies, and social media brand building, get ready to make a greater impact on the web.

This conversational podcast goes in-depth on all sorts of subjects – including the history of digital marketing and candid opinions on website accessibility and similarly crucial features. This podcast provides key advice to anyone new to digital marketing and online business.

Win the Race Online is available on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and iHeartRadio.

2. Social Pros Podcast

Social Pros Podcast is just the podcast for you if you’re looking to learn the ropes of social media marketing or expand your knowledge on the topic. The interview-style podcast gives you a real insight into the real people doing real work in social media – meaning that you get a look into actual social media strategies that are in-depth and actionable.

The podcast covers broad topics like how to repurpose content for social media. They get more specific with topics like covering how real brands created and employed a particular social media marketing strategy that worked.

Social Pros Podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and YouTube.

3. Everyone Hates Marketers

Hosted by Louis Grenier, this podcast’s slogan is “the only podcast for people sick of marketing bullshit.” And frankly, that’s what makes this podcast a must-listen. Every week Louis invites guests to share their actionable insights on marketing, or he shares his no-fluff, ethical marketing tactics that will help you stand out.

Everyone Hates Marketers is the perfect podcast for you if you’re looking for genuine, no-nonsense tips and strategies to help you grow your digital marketing strategy and gain some perspective on the industry.

Everyone Hates Marketers is available on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher.

4. The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast

The Art of Paid Traffic began in 2015, and it covers everything related to pay-per-click marketing. The weekly episodes give cutting-edge, industry-leading, behind-the-scenes secrets to growing and scaling an online business through paid marketing strategies.

With over 600 episodes and counting, listeners can gain platform-specific information like how to get started with Facebook Ads and more general PPC marketing techniques like how to maximize your budget. The podcast also outlines case studies of some of the most successful paid search campaigns in history so that you can use that inspiration to transform your PPC strategy.

The Art of Paid Traffic is available on Apple, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, YouTube, and Google Podcasts.

5. This Old Marketing

This Old Marketing is a digital marketing podcast that focuses on the content marketing aspect of marketing strategy. Each week the hosts cover the week of media, marketing, content marketing, and digital content news to discuss what’s happening in the industry, what businesses should be aware of, and general content marketing insights and tips.

As entertaining as it is educational, This Old Marketing is a podcast you don’t want to miss. With episodes ranging from topics like The Anatomy of a Content Marketer to the recent news of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, listeners gain unique insights and a fresh perspective on content marketing that is always current and intriguing.

This Old Marketing is available on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Overcast, and Amazon Music.

Stay Up to Date with Digital Marketing Trends

For even more information on digital marketing trends and strategies, contact the team at WEB ROI. We’re experts in the industry and always happy to help businesses make their mark online – reach out today!


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