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What Should Landscapers Blog About?

As the weather has been getting warmer, the forecast seems to have a fair bit of rain & thunder showers coming our way. But don't worry- I have a great idea for how you can spend your time when the weather forces you inside.

repeat after me:

It’s raining…. can’t landscape today - let's write a blog!

You are a landscaper, you want your website to show up on Google (and ahead of your competitor’s). You want to do everything you are “supposed” to be doing – blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, Twitter…

But what do you write about?

One of my favourite tools to help figure out what people are interested in is

You know when you are on Google and you start typing and then Google suggests what it thinks you mean to search for?


Ubersuggest is a compilation of all of those suggested words. These words are ‘suggested’ because many, many others have searched for them before, that is how Google gathers their data – not by guessing, but by historical search records.  So you can safely assume that a decent number of people are looking for the words that show up in the suggested list.

If I type landscaping into Ubersuggest, this is the beginning of the list it serves up:


There are a lot of people searching for ideas when it comes to landscaping. This is something I always warn contractors to watch out for in regards to paying for clicks on Google AdWords. If someone is looking for free ideas, you don’t want to pay for them to visit your website. But blogging and social media is the perfect time to focus on topics that come up very early or before the buying cycle starts. Catch them during the awareness phase with your social media content.

The next step is adding these words to your Ubersuggest term:

  • Why
  • When
  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • How

Now I find even more great ideas I can write blogs about – things I know people are interested in. These topics represent ideal opportunities to educate potential new clients. An educated person is easier to sell to right?

  • What landscaping zone am I in?
  • What are landscaping designs?
  • What does landscaping cost?
  • What do landscape architects do?
  • Why is landscaping important?
  • Why does landscaping cost so much?
  • Why edible landscaping? (I’m not aware of this trend, but I saw it a number of times on the list! Edible for me, or the forest creatures?)
  • How landscaping affects home value
  • How landscaping can be good for the environment
  • How do I grade my property? How do I lay pavers? (In these cases you can make the blog general enough you aren’t actually telling them the step by step instructions, and you are also giving them so many things to be aware of, so many steps that need to be done properly – because if they aren’t something somewhere will be caved in or flooded, so they need a professional!)

So the next time the weather isn’t cooperating& you can't work outside, write a blog!

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