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100 Enticing Call to Action Phrases for Your Home Improvement Social Media Posts

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Whether you want your followers to visit your website, book a consultation, download an e-book, or join a mailing list, you need a compelling call to action (CTA). 

A call to action is just what it sounds like – it's a prompt to get your audience to complete a specific action. CTAs are typically in the form of a button, clickable image, or a link, and they can be found in a company's web content, advertisement, or social postings. 

So, how can your home improvement business benefit from call-to-action phrases for social media that draw the eye? Buckle up your seatbelts, and let's take a look. 

First, Why Do You Need a CTA? 

A compelling call to action on social media is what takes your home improvement business from the practice track to the big leagues. It's all well and good to build a social following, but if your followers aren't acting, you're spinning your wheels without getting anywhere. 

If you'd like your social media or YouTube channel to do more for your business than build brand awareness, you need to entice your audience to interact with your company and content. Using enticing CTAs is a great way to turn passive followers into active participants, leading them to interact with your business. In turn, you'll generate a faster return on investment for your home improvement business.  

Let's discover how to create enticing calls to action in social media marketing and kick your social game into the next gear! 

Use Strong Action Words 

You want your call to action to be clear and concise, with no room for misunderstanding. CTAs are short and no-nonsense, so it's crucial that you choose strong and compelling verbs to direct traffic to your website or content successfully. From "Act now" to "Try it today", check out these 100 social media call to action examples that are sure to jumpstart your social media profile (see what we did, there?).  

When choosing a strong call to action, remember that it's better to be clear than clever, so prioritize readability. You may be great with puns or wordplay, but if your audience can't understand the purpose of your CTA, your efforts are wasted. You want a CTA with a tone that suits your brand while remaining clear enough to drive leads and direct traffic toward your business. 

Are you looking for help writing compelling call-to-action phrases that draw the eye of new potential customers in Toronto or Burlington? Contact our team at WEB ROI to get started.

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Instill a Sense of Urgency 

Everybody loves to capitalize on a good deal and feel like they're part of an exclusive group. One way to make your prospective clients feel as though they're making the right choice with your home improvement company is to add a sense of urgency to your call to action. 

  • If you want your social visitors to pick up the phone and call, consider using the CTA "Call us today" rather than simply "Call us." 
  • Establish a sense of exclusivity through limited giveaways. Try something like "Sign up for our free guide while supplies last!" 
  • If you are advertising a promotion, emphasize the urgency. Consider using a CTA like "Get a quote before our tax-free promotion is over!" 

Nobody likes to feel like they are missing out, so adding the implication of a time crunch to your CTA is a fantastic way to drive your prospective clients forward and generate more leads for your business. 

Make It Worthwhile 

For your call to action to be successful, it needs to pass the "so what?" test. You could have the clearest and most time-sensitive CTA in history, but you will not capture any leads if your advertisement is not enticing. 

Be sure to choose language that is enthusiastic or inspirational. Take it a step further – rather than just describing your home improvement business and services, personalize the offering to tell your followers exactly what you have for them, specifically.  

To do this, determine what it is that makes you unique and sets you apart, and focus on that. By marketing your unique selling point, you catch your audience's attention and let them know that you have something that sets you apart, giving you a leg up on the competition and putting you on the fast track for success.  

Following these simple steps is a surefire way to strengthen your social media CTAs and drive your business forward. WEB ROI specializes in digital marketing across industries, with experience working in the Canadian home improvement sector to deliver the industry-specific advice needed to accelerate your business. Start your engines and contact us today to discuss your digital marketing goals, and together we can embark on the road to success! 



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