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The ongoing saga of the battle for the top spot on Google.

Jason And Son

November 2012 Update:

Almost 3 1/2 years ago I thought it would be a fun experiment to see how quickly I could get ranked on the first page of Google for the phrase “Smartest Guy in Canada“.

I really don’t intend to portray myself as being all that smart, although I have 3 really smart sons! I think that came from the “Y” chromosome though. Initially I blogged about the target keyword in July 2009 and I created a few links to it.

The purpose of the exercise was just to see how quickly I could take the top spot for a keyword which really had no competition.

Within about 24 hours I was showing up on page 1 and it took a couple of days to get to the top spot on Google.

The original blog article doesn’t exist anymore because we changed our blog over to wordpress a couple years ago and didn’t recreate the original.

Honestly, our office is quite busy with 9 staff working hard to provide almost 100 clients with monthly internet marketing services. Who has time to play games to rank for a ridiculous phrase that no one ever really searches for?

A couple years ago someone in Oakville, near our office decided to try and compete for our top position by creating a website all about the Smartest Guy in Canada with articles about notable Canadians and their contribution to Canadian culture. They even created a Facebook Page which still exists and ranks on Google for the search phrase.

The site was taken down after a year and I think the highest it got was position 3 or 4 because at that time we held the top 3 spots.

Recently I blogged about this and a colleague (sort of competitor, I guess) got a hold of it and took it as a challenge.

It wasn’t a challenge, but it was intended to get some attention. Anyway, he blogged about it and did some of his own SEO and social media magic and lo and behold he now is ranked at the top spot for the phrase, with us taking on position 2 and 3.

I won’t give him the benefit of linking to it or showing a screen cap, but you can go check Google if you like.

Smartest Guy Google
Smartest Guy In Canada2

One thing I noticed is that this page that you are reading right now is no longer ranking at all on the first page. That tells me it is stale content so here I am updating it. Heck it was probably de-indexed for overuse of the keyword so I’m adding more content to reduce the keyword density and hopefully that should help.

Over the past year or so with 20+ releases of the “Panda” algorithm update, Google has penalized web pages that are considered overoptimized. Hence the overuse of a certain keyword would cause the site to get whacked and that’s why it doesn’t show up at all right now. I’ve been put into the sandbox!

I don’t know if I will ever reclaim the top spot as this phrase, now that there is some competition, but it was fun while it lasted. A number of people comment on it, which is sort of embarrassing but it’s a neat little gimmick to start a conversation with.

Since I posted the original content, 816 people have searched for this phrase and landed on our website. Admittedly it is probably a lot of my colleagues from within the WSI Internet Marketing network. It is not exactly a marketable term worth investing a lot of time and energy into, but it was fun nonetheless.

Original Article :

On July 8, 2009 I thought it would be a neat experiment to try and get myself ranked on the first page of Google for a term.

I’m really not so arrogant to boast such a thing, but thought it would be fun anyway.

So I blogged about it and used the right keywords in the right places and guessed it would take a few days, but I would surely rank for the phrase. Much to my surprise, it only took about 24 hours for Google to crawl the blog and put our site in the index in position #4 for the phrase. And by the following morning; about 36 hours after the original post, it reached #2 position and in the afternoon that day; about 48 hours after the original post it was #1!

So here I am now adding a static page on our website to further solidify my position for this search phrase, until someone else takes the throne from me! Now there’s a challenge!

Even if no one thinks I’m very smart, at least they’ll know that I can provide Guaranteed SEO results for Top Search Engine Placement.

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