eCommerce Website Design

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When people visit your brick-and-mortar location:

  • It should be easy to get to
  • Your products need to be prominently displayed
  • Your sales team must be knowledgeable
  • It should be easy for customers to check out

Your eCommerce website design has to contain all those elements too. And they must work in perfect unison.

If not, then you run the risk of losing customers, revenue and profits! As soon as they’re annoyed, confused or frustrated, they’ll leave your site for your competition.

And that’s a lost sale. Which means you can’t maximize your WEB ROI as much as you should.

A proven method which gets you more leads, every day

eCommerce Website Design

Many eCommerce retailers often neglect one aspect of their website.

What they don’t realize is that if any element isn’t as strong as the others, the cost will be leads and sales.

Just like your product inventory and sales staff, your site should be a Digital Showroom that’s ready to sell with:

  • The right information at the right time which isn’t intimidating or redundant
  • 100% accuracy regarding product specs, stock availability, pricing and more
  • Easy ways to contact you through web forms or live chat if they prefer to.

When your website is as smart as your sales team, that’s when you maximize your WEB ROI.

Building websites which show, tell and sell

You know how competitive your particular industry is.

And you also know that if prospective customers aren’t visiting your website, they’re at your competitor’s. If you aren’t making the sale, they are.

Our process is designed to drive qualified traffic to your website, compel them to buy from you and provide an incentive for them to return again and again.

Powerful Imagery

Strategic Search

A fast Google search yields over 730,000 results for something truly niche like “industrial tack fasteners.”

So how can you make sure you get a favourable ranking against your top competitors?

  • Detailed keyword research based on what prospective customers enter into Google
  • Targeted PPC campaign made to reach local customers
  • Smart social media that drives traffic back to you
Easy Usability

Easy Usability

Once customers reach your site, they want information.

If that information is helpful, then they’ll buy from you. Simple as that.

Your site is built to make the sale with:

  • Relevant copy; no fluff
  • Appealing imagery
  • Easy and secure shopping cart and checkout software
Relevant Copy

Engaging Content

Before and after the sale, position yourself ahead of your competition with content they can’t get anywhere else:

This way, you have a better chance of turning first-time customers into repeat buyers and into advocates for your eCommerce website.

Meet some of our clients

If people can buy from you online, you’re an eCommerce site.

Whether its products, services or even software, we’ve helped businesses build a custom 24/7 Digital Showroom that’s an all-in-one sales force, checkout and customer service team.

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