Cedargate Landscaping Website Launch


We’re proud to have launched a bold landscape design & construction website this week.

Head over to www.cedargatelandscaping.com to check it out, and comment below to let us know what you think!

A Website Has to be More than Just Pretty

Don’t get me wrong- we do create beautiful websites. But all of our client’s sites have to be more than just beautiful.

We’ve integrated a number of features that will help grow Cedargate Landscaping’s business- through getting free word-of-mouth advertising from visitors, and through increasing the number of contact form submissions from visitors.

Before & After Gallery to Showcase Brilliant Transformations


A full gallery showing impressive before/after images gives inspiration and encouragement to homeowners looking to start a project. This gallery really demonstrates that all spaces have potential- you just have to work with the right designer to bring it out.

Simple Social Sharing Functions


Like this website, or the landscaping projects it showcases? Tell your friends.

This new site will make it easy for Cedargate to grow their business from online referrals. We wanted to encourage the sharing of their beautiful photos through all the major social networks- Pinterest, Google +, Facebook and Twitter, and the sharing function integrated into the gallery makes it easy.

The site also features a social sharing toolbar that remains visible as visitors navigate through the entire site, increasing the ease at which an individual could help spread the word about Cedargate.

A Unique Selling Point… of Uniqueness

Cedargate doesn’t want to give you a nice looking landscape that’s just like your neighbour’s. They want to give you a one-of-a-kind, dream yard that no one else on your street could even begin to mimic.  In short- they think outside of the box with their design.

This is stressed throughout the entire site, making it easy for one that wants something a little less predictable to identify the team that emphasizes creativity.

We Don’t Just Do Websites

This gorgeous new site will be supplemented with search engine advertising campaigns, blogging, ongoing SEO services, and even social media marketing training for the client. For the best results, the work doesn’t stop after the website launches.

If you’re interested in learning more about what goes into an integrated internet marketing program, visit our free seminar.