Build a Lead-Generating Website to Get More Attention Online

Build a Lead-Generating Website to Get More Attention Online 

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When a business is preparing to invest in a new lead generation website, they tend to focus more on design. Businesses must also focus on factors that go into turning website visitors into prospects 

You don’t build a lead-generating website for yourself. If your goal is to generate more customers from your website, then it does not matter if you love your website or not.  

You will most likely be happier with a website that generates additional customers and revenue, than a website that only relies on its looks. 

Build your website for your customers, not for your team.  

A powerful website fulfills five major categories: 

  1. Usability – Ways of making the website easy for visitors to find what they need and interact with the information on the site.  
  2. Mobile Design – Website features are designed to convert efficiently to different screens to keep up with mobile users.  
  3. SEO – On-site elements are imperative to gaining strong organic search engine visibility.  
  4. Copywriting – Techniques that build interest and confidence, and then motivate website visitors to ask questions.  
  5. Conversion – Small but very important techniques that create large gains in conversion rates.  

What does a lead-generating website dfor you? It generates business 24/7 without you having to maintain a physical retail location or other staff costs. 

 Ways to Creating an Awesome Lead Generation Website

Understand Your Customer

So, you want to build a website that works 24/7, a website that fills your pipeline like clockwork.  

Before you build a lead-generating website, you need to know your customer. The best way to understand your customer is to create a persona. Outline your ideal customer and understand their problems, frustration, desires, barriers, and uncertainties.  

Let’s say you’re an HVAC contractor. You want to build recurring revenue in your business. You offer maintenance agreements for homeowners. Your ideal customer is a mother named Nancy. Her frustration is that her air conditioner keeps breaking down in the hot summer months. She does not know anything about HVAC but wants to call someone to fix it whenever it breaks down. She wants someone who she can trust. As you can see, these are the needs and wants of your ideal customer.  

Going through this process will help you understand your customer.  

Keep track of your customer persona, make it a part of all your marketing efforts including your website copy. This will help you stay on track with your efforts across your business.  

Emotion Sells  

Your product or service is more than just that, a product or service. It’s an experience, a part of your buyer persona’s life.  

Customers buy products and services to satisfy their inner desires.  

Your lead-generating website should not just simply describe what your services are, it should be about why your services are significant. Your services or product should answer those desires you defined in your persona outline.  

Your website must speak to your customer’s wants, needs, and all their pain points so that it captures a great customer experience. Emotion sells and if you can fix a negative emotion that your customer is experiencing then you are doing things right.  

SEO Copywriting 

You must find a way where your content turns traffic into customers. SEO copywriting is the solution.  

SEO copywriting is essentially your second salesperson. You want to write in a way that persuades your customer to act 

The most effective website copy follows this structure: 

  1. The Problem – Lead with the problem your customer is facing and make sure it is attention-grabbing. Draw into that pain they feel.  
  2. The Solution – What product or service that you offer will solve the problem stated above. Show your customer that you have a solution to their problem.  
  3. The Target Profile – Customers are more likely to buy when they feel like you understand their wants and needs. The copy can display this empathy.  
  4. The Objections – Objections are a sign of interest. You overcome your customers objections by writing them in your website copy. Show your customer that you understand.  
  5. The Reviews – Your potential customers want to hear from your existing or even previous customers or clients.  
  6. The Risk Reversal – What do you offer? Customers want to avoid risk when making a purchase, so what is your guarantee 
  7. The Uniqueness – What makes you stand out from your competitors? Showcase this in your web copy.  

Designing a Conversion Focused Layout for Your Website  

  1. Your Navigation Bar – This is also known as your header or menu bar. Keep this clean and simple. Include your phone number and either a “Book Online” or “Free Assessment” button (your CTA or call to action) in your menu.  
  2. Hero Section – This section must explain what you do. Your website visitors should be able to figure out what you do within 5 seconds. It is best to use imagery as a significant component of relaying this message. 
  3. Intro Section – Frame this section in a way that talks about your customer’s lives. Bring up their problems and draw them into your copy.  
  4. Services – This is the meat of your website. As your customer scrolls through your website, they should see all of your services.  
  5. Reviews – The copy of your services section might create some customer objections so your review section should be right underneath. These are where you can answer those objections.  
  6. Callouts – Use these sections throughout your website. This is where your guarantee will go. Remove risk from your customers decision.  
  7. Footer – This section is where you make it easy for your customer to contact you. The footer should answer all the logistical questions your customers might have. Here you can include your business’s address, email address, phone number, and a google map.  

Branding Is Key 

Make your branding tell a story, evoke feeling and interaction. Your website should be filled with your branding elements.  

This is where your uniqueness can shine!  

Your branding is what instills a connection between business and customer. It is how they will remember you so take the time and plan your branding out correctly. You do not want to miss the mark on this one.  

Mobile-Friendly Sites 

You will most likely have to make some changes to your website to ensure that it provides a user-friendly mobile experience.  

Your customer should not have to scroll horizontally. The page should automatically be sized correctly to the device that your customer is on.  

Your website should load quickly on mobile devices. If it loads slowly, you will lose out on many potential customers.  

Do not use any desktop-only features on your site and make sure your navigation is easy to use on mobile view.  

When it doubt, test!


Having easy access to the actual lead generation forms is so important. This increases the number of leads through your website.  

Forms can be used in a variety of ways. To download a piece of contact, to sign up for a webinar, or to get a free assessment.  

All these entries will build your emailing list and making your salesperson very happy.  

Include Contact Information  

Including your contact information in an obvious spot on your site increases consumer trust and lends credibility to your offer. The presence of a phone number brings comfort to customers and helps reduce that risky feeling they may have when purchasing. 

When a customer is ready to make a purchasing decision your readily available contact information makes it easy for them to go ahead. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

 Final Thoughts  

As a business owner, you want nothing more than a website that works and makes moneyYou want a website that grabs the attention of visitors and generates leads.  

You will need a lead-generating website to get more attention online to meet your goals as a business owner. Follow the above steps to achieve success in creating an optimized lead-generating website.  

WEB ROI specializes in creating lead-generating websites for its clients. If you are struggling with getting leads from your website but know how important your website truly is, contact us todayWEB ROI will help you and your website get the leads it deserves.  

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