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web development process

The internet marketing landscape is changing almost daily with new regulations to follow and new trends to take advantage of.

The WEB ROI process is designed to help your business grow, adapt and thrive in the online world.

It’s a proven plan that will help you achieve your number one goal: Getting the biggest bang for your digital marketing buck.

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Step 1: Discovery

The process begins by having a conversation with you to:

  • Understand your business goals: Where are you looking to take your business and what challenges can get in the way
  • Define your target audience: Making sure the message you want to communicate gets seen by the right people
  • Determine opportunities & Budget: What’s working with your current web marketing strategy and where it can be strengthened

At the end of our conversation, all you need to tell us is if you’re interested in moving into step 2 of the process.

Step 2: Internet Business Competitive Analysis

This provides you with detailed information regarding:

  • ROI potential: What can a comprehensive digital marketing strategy can do for your bottom line
  • Your competition: Get a true understanding of where your company stands against its top five competitors on the web
  • Creating a strategy: We’ll present our findings, new design suggestions and recommend a Digital Marketing Partner Program (DMPP) structured around your budget that will deliver the results you want

Step 3: Build

Now it’s time to plan your website and digital marketing strategy, and put the pieces of our plan together:

  • Gather requirements: Collecting the assets and information necessary to build your web presence
  • Research: A great deal of SEO reasearch goes into the planning of your website content and navigation
  • Create: Designers, writers, SEO experts and social media resources work together to design, write, plan and create your digital marketing strategy
  • Develop: Our expert web developers masterfully bring your digital marketing strategy to life using the latest technologies
  • Revise: You’ll be heavily involved in the build process, ensuring that we accurately represent your business, its products and overall brand

Step 4: Implement

The WEB ROI technical and marketing teams collaborate to ensure a smooth website rollout:

  • Finalize: Before your site goes live, it undergoes a comprehensive quality assurance process
  • Launch: Your site and its accompanying digital marketing campaigns are launched to start driving traffic immediately
  • Test: Now that your site is live, it’s still tested to make certain it gives visitors an easy-to-use web experience

Step 5: Measure

Once your website is finished and implmented, you will become part of our Digital Marketing Partner Program. Now we measure and analyze to ensure that your website is meeting its established goals:

  • Measure: The WEB ROI analytics department watches your website closely to see how it’s performing
  • Analyze: Statistical data and marketing expertise come together to make adaptive suggestions

Step 6: Manage Results

With your website’s data, you’ll be better informed to make decisions:

  • Report: We’ll share monthly reports and meet with you annually to explain how your digital marketing plan is performing and why
  • Recommend: Based on our data and our technical and digital marketing expertise, we will recommend improvements to your digital marketing strategy
  • Implement: Together, we’ll modify your web presence and marketing plans in order to meet, and exceed your expectations

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